M700's arrived

These are (physically) beautiful pieces of equipment, and appear well built.

Plugged em in, connected em up to my PA DSD.

Initial impressions/observations, playing Roon-Tidal and ripped music:

– Overall, gorgeous sounding amps
– Wide, tall, 3-dimensional soundstage
– Extremely musical and organic, lifelike

The main thing I’m struggling with right now on these is, in my scenario, the bass is overwhelming and a little bloaty. It becomes what you notice the most, obscuring/interfering with the other beautiful aspects of the sound. Vocals and guitars sound slightly “blanketed”. More importantly, just there’s “too much”.

The other amp I’m comparing to seems “faster”, with tighter/more controlled (but still low and punchy) bass. A little less 3-dimensional and beautifully musical, but more “PRAT” and engaging. A little less fatiguing.

Ends up being a very tough comparison, both these setups do some things extremely well. Neither amps have had much burn-in time.

Other than treating the room (a limitation in this case), is there anything that can be done to control bass better?

The M700s definitely require significant burn-in. (The other amp may too for all I know.) If you can, keep them playing at a low level (low enough not to bother neighbors, spouses, etc., that is). That is likely to help. You can also try repositioning the speakers to see if that helps.

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How far are speakers from back wall / corners ?

Are the amps plugged direct to wall, into a power plant, is there a dedicated line?

Speakers are about a foot off the back wall 3 feet from nearest corner on left speaker, not in a corner for right.

Amps are plugged into an Ayre power conditioner. No dedicated circuit.

Still, all these conditions are the same for the m700s and the other amp I’m comparing to. One big difference between is the m700 being 350watts and the other amp being 100w.

Is everything plugged in the power conditioner? If so there is a chance you are causing interaction between all your power supplies.

Even on the Dectet, my s300 sounded brighter/less body.
Straight to wall with dedicated line and powerport outlet sounds quite different! Open, relaxed, non-fatiguing, more full everything, more dynamic.

If you don’t want to go dedicated or go straight to wall, at least move all smps supplies to another power strip and only keep your audio on that one.

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I’ve done the straight to wall for amps with previous amp models (and it did make a noticeable difference, while I was using a Monster power conditioner), but then came across the Ayre, which claims it solves whatever problem that is in terms of limited current going through a conditioned.

I don’t think I have enough outlets nearby to go to the wall with the 2 m700s, or I would definitely still try that.

1 foot to the back or 1 foot to the face of the speaker ?

I agree in that I noticed changes in my M700’s from their first few hours of playback vs. after 100+ hours. I left them playing music for 3 days the day after they arrived while we went on vacation. I observed what I’d describe as a more consistent sonic signature when we got back. This was not my brain adjusting to the new sound as I wasn’t listening to them while we were away.

The M700’s sounded good out of the box but now they sound more open and a little less clinical, in a good way, than when they were new.

My speakers are only -3db from flat @ 20hz playing 110+db SPLs measured 13ft away in a 15,000cuft space so I experience little to no compression in the bass frequencies. I think the M700’s do a great job of keeping the bass articulate and musical with no bloat. My bet is that either a) your bloat will go away with some burn in on the amps or b) you are finally giving your speakers the low impedance current they need in the bass frequencies and now you are hearing bass response issues in your room that you weren’t before.

If you can, let them play at night for the next few nights to accelerate the break in period, and definitely don’t make any immediate changes to your system until they get one or two hundred hours on them.

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My mate bought a pair of M700’s; I listened to his pair straight out the box and I wasn’t impressed with them at all… Just hifi !! I have never been a fan of Class D and I stupidly put my lack of enthusiasm down to it being Class D amplifiers and me being spoiled for choice with my BHK preamp, 300’s & 250’s… On my next visit they were definitely better ( 300 hours playing time ) and I thought they had something about them --But, Then I was summoned back for another listen - almost 2 months later - this time the amps had played over 1000 hours. Well, I was blown-away with their performance. ‘Very musical’… They are excellent amplifiers, easily the most musical Class D amps I’ve heard… Class D usually impress with sonic-fireworks, but after listening to them for a prolonged period of time I find them boring, lacking the all important musicality … Not so with the M700’s…! They definitely improved with burn -in because I heard them over a period of time and not on a day to day basis… So, just keep playing them 24/7 like my mate Jim with his M700’s… They are fantastic value for money !