Matrix X-SPDIF 2


Out of curiosity, which specific generic eBay LPS did you like?



I have this one in a couple of voltages. They will customize.

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I am another one of those who was swayed by bootzilla’s posts on this thread as well as others. I have been reading/listening about the various issues with audio over usb for the past year+ (somewhere in the range of 20-40 hours if you count all of the various dacs/streamers/usb decrappifiers/cable/all associated peripherals etc, I’m glad I just inventory of how much time I’ve spent as it’s much to much despite my enjoyment of the results and journey). I was very aware of the variability and escalator/elevator nature of the usb implementation. I was looking to avoid getting stuck in that game at the costs get very high very quickly(easily as high as the cost of dac’s and cables if one were to get sucked in). I am very young in my journey as an audiophile so my gear is not quite as impressive as most of you posting. For example, I don’t have a dedicated streamer. You can see my profile for my current set up, but I think it is helpful if I elaborate slightly on my recent upgrade to the DSD Sr. I had been running with a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital dac that I would describe as such an improvement from a previous setup that I would describe it as “spiritual”. After about year of intense research and a bit of luck with a good deal, I settled on the DSD Sr as an upgrade(MSRP 400 vs 6000$$$) and was incredibly disappointed. Not that it wasn’t better. It was. But it was only VERY marginally better. Certainly not enough to justify an cost factor increase of 15x cost (maybe 3x???, yes I understand diminishing returns)

Fast forward to the Matrix: I was literally blown away out of the box. Detail and separation was improved by a huge margin. That sensation of being “in the room” is night and day for the better. The base is “less” but only because it is tighter than it was and there is less distortion. If this is allowing the DSD Sr. to show me it’s full or even partial capabilities compared to my prior setup than it is by far worth it.

In all honestly, I had planned on writing something on the order of twice as much (and more eloquently), but I was distracted heavily by social events so I apologize for the rushed and incomplete nature of this post. It does not do it justice. I will gladly post more later and answer questions.

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You can add me to the list - I needed a good source of TOSLink, S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S for testing and my computer is more convenient than a PWT or DMP at times. The Matrix X-SPDIF 2 fits the bill. It’s also nice that it was 10% off and I could get it from Amazon. BTW it sounds pretty good too.



And add me to the list too @bootzilla. I ordered one of these tchotchke’s a couple days ago. The 10% off was a nice feature - thanks for the heads up.

I am currently going into my DS DAC with a coax. I have some DSD128+ files on my server that wouldn’t play. I felt based on the feedback in this thread and others, along with my desire to stream whatever resolution my heart pleases, I went ahead and ordered the Matrix. I can now utilize the second i2S input on my DS Sr. :partying_face:



Welcome to the club, @tedsmith and @JeffofArabica!



Quick question, you have a Roon ROCK and you just use USB output into the Matrix, no issues. I have a ROCK on a i5 NUC, is it just plug and play? I would still use the ethernet into the ROCK though, right?



That’s how I use it. Ethernet to nuc running ROCK, USB to Matrix, I2S to my DSD. Mine came up plug and play. My Roon audio chain.

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ooh, that is tempting

@tmurray1 Thanks!



Hi Ted, I’ve just ordered one. Any advice on what kind of hdmi lead NOT to use, e.g. short 0.5 metre ones, old non high-speed ones into I2s input of DS ?

Many thanks



The better the quality of the HDMI cable (e.g. for newer HDMI standards, etc.) probably the better the sound - they are fairly shielded so they probably won’t interfere much with the rest of your system. If it’s a certified HDMI cable you probably don’t need to worry about length, you’ll get the correct bits. With the DS the sound quality is probably more related to the quality of the ground connections and the shielding.

As far as sound quality you probably ought to read threads about I2S / HDMI cable sound. The sound quality impressions are probably similar when used with the Matrix as, say, the DMP. I’m using a cheapo Radio Shack cable just because it’s quite flexible and that’s what I need on my test bench.



I like to keep it short and simple. So my practical advice is a 1 ft. Wireworld HDMI wire (I use an Ultraviolet). They are quite stiff but when placing the Matrix directly above the DS it fits perfectly. They have a model for every budget. Then add a quality USB cable like an Audioquest or a Jcat Reference (I prefer the latter) and you will get remarkable SQ on I2S. Best I ever heard with the DS.



Just had my first “holy shit” moment with cables. I’ve been skeptical about differences for a long time, especially HDMI. I hooked up x-spdif 2 using a Monster Advance High Speed HDMI that I just had on hand, and as mentioned above I’ve been blown away with the performance of my system. Not thinking much of it, and mostly for cable management I ordered a 2ft length(the Monster Cable was longer than needed) of HDMI cable from Blue Jeans Cable and have been running it in the system for the past week. Things were just too bright. I gave it a week to settle etc, and I just haven’t been anywhere near as engaged. I switched back to the Monster today, and I am still in shock that there is a difference like this in HDMI cables. The girlfriend was able to notice and describe the difference as well. I’m still blown away. I’ll be heading over to the specific threads about I2s / HDMI cable sound as mentioned byTed to not further derail this thread, but wow.

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I’d second the vote for Wireworld HDMI. In my case silver starlight 7 absolutely trounced the BJC HDMI. Alex from Uptone is using the chroma and likes it. Wireworld HDMI cables are excellent.



+1 on Wireworld digital cables. I have the Silver Starlight 7 HDMI cables, and the Silver Starlight 7 USB cables. I have had other makes/models in my system and these had enough of an emotional impact to crown them supreme. I also have two of the legacy Silver Starlight 5.2 Reference HDMI cables that are fantastic. If you can find this cable used, snatch it up. Chances are you can sell it for what you paid for it so no fiscal risk. It is a great cable and exceeds it used price point.



Thanks guys, I’ve ordered a random selection of local cables (inc bluejean bjc fe which I’ve use for video). If I’m not happy with these once my matrix arrives later this week then I’ll see how easy it is to get WW here in the uk



FWIW, I have never felt an urge to switch from this HDMI cable, which I run from the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 to the DS. The Matrix USA distributor recommended it to me and told me he uses it with his X-SPDIF 2.



Thanks bootzilla. Unfortunately amazon uk don’t stock OneConvey



Hey Boot - I tried that one - the Wireworld is on another level entirely. I know - gotta stop somewhere but the Wireworld is so good. I had to see what a “high end” HDMI" cable sounded like - so glad I did.

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At $350 for one meter, the Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI had better sound a lot better than the $12 OneConvey HDMI! :rofl:

In all seriousness, I have not heard the Wireworld so I cannot comment on it. Maybe I will try a Wireworld if I can get one on a 30-day trial.