General consensus USB/AES/Coax to DS for best SQ

I need a decent cable to connect from a streamer to my DS Sr, to your experience what is the most cost efficient way to connect to DS Sr for better SQ?

A lot of ppl say none of the above and go with I2S instead via a Matrix.


With USB you can get DSD from streamer and will sound decent. Coax and AES can sound better on PCM. But if you want incredible sound from your DAC, Go with like what nycenglish say, go with Matrix at $379 and believe me, you will never want to go back, and use I2S to the DAC.

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USB, of these choices, IMHO. I like the Curious Cable.

I can make it a 2 step process, if I get a Lumin or Auralic:
Step 1: Ethernet-> Streamer ->USB->DS
Step 2 at a later date add Matrix: Ethernet->Streamer->USB->Matrix->I2S->DS
So I will need a USB cable first, then add a HDMI cable later in step 2, correct?

The Matrix issue is a bit more complex

A. Expensive usb cable
B. Matrix
C. Expensive power supply for Matrix
D. Expensive power cable for powering Matrix
E. Expensive HDMI cable to connect to DSD
F. Expensive feet for under all of the above.

I have done A thru E twice now. F just amuses me.


Excellent plan. The USB is a noisy interface. I find adding a Uptone Regent or better yet, a IFI in line USB Purifier 3 really goes a long way to better sound, even with the Matrix.

I2S over HMDI is the far and away the best way to feed a DSD. Having said that I use a Singxer SU6 to convert from USB. Choice of USB cables (unfortunately) still comes into play as well.

Just to let everyone know, there is a new edition of the Curious called the “Curious Evolve” that was released recently.
. It was designed to have similar in sound to the Curious but with a bigger / deeper soundstage.

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I am not questioning how cables sound different but I had to smile when I read the NASA bit as I wondered what a non-audiophile would say on hearing that :smiley:

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Actually a lot of Audiophiles would have something to say about it too…

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@aangen: And with that I have purchased a Curious Cable . I should have it in the system within the week. Those in the know use and recommend it for USB. The Matrix/LPS solution may wring the bit of performance out of the DSD but at a level of complexity I am unwilling to pursue at the moment. I’ll try the K.I.S.S. approach first.


I attempted to track down the Evolve, but no luck in the States. Should I like the Standard Curious Cable, I may step up to Evolve, assuming I can locate a source.

USB. Wireworld Platinum starlight! Dead silent, incredibly revealing. I’d skip all the filters etc.

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Looks like it’s only available directly through the curious cable website atm.
If found the regen link the best bang for buck but if course you need a short distance between the source and your dac. In my case i can run from my nuc to my singxer and then use a longer hdmi to feed my directstream via i2s.

In pursuing a AAMBAHP approach. Accumulate as many boxes as humanly possible. I’m making good progress so far.


I just bought the standard Curious cable to try, if I like it I may step up to Evolve.
I think you can get the Evolve in the US at

As I mentioned, I have two Matrix setups, one for my DSD Sr. Setup, and one for my DSD Jr. setup. I recently loaned my Jr. setup to a friend and now just have a nice USB cable plugged into my Jr… The magic is gone. So sad. But definitely easy.

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I’ve contacted Jaguar multiple times with no response. My guess is they do not have the Evolve. I have a Curious Cable on its way, should I like it I may try the Evolve and buy it direct from the manufacturer. My preference would be to purchase it from a USA dealer.

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When I spoke to a person at Jaguar this morning, he asked me if I want to get the Evolve, so I think they have it.