Minimalistic System based on DirectStream PerfectWave Junior


I am a hifi consultant based in France and would be happy to share some of my systems here, hope this is fine with the community

I like to have ultra minimalistic systems that sound like big ones, usually one source device and active speakers

Today I present you the following:

  • DirectStream PerfectWave Junior DAC/Streamer

  • Genelec G2/F1 Speakers

Please feel free to comment

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If I am not much mistaken those Genelec’s are some very expensive (and impressive) monitor speakers?

Hi Frode,

Those Genelec speakers are more impressive than expensive.

The set which is displayed (a pair of G2 and a F1 sub) is sold for 1500 euros including VAT (in France)


I have not gotten to hear any set of Genelecs but I know that they are held in high esteem in the mixing and mastering world.

If you are ever sufficiently curious, Guitar Center (and other mainstream enthusiast stores) carries Genelecs. Just bring in a couple of CDs and they will happily set them up for you. It’s fun to test active monitors. Some, like Barefoot, are spectacular.

They are worth a try

I am currently listening to another system based this time on a PS Audio PerfectWave Direcstream DAC with some Genelec G3, this is a very good match.

Have a good day


New system ready, this time with a DirectStream PerfectWave DAC with some Genelec G3/F1 speakers

superb dynamic, imaging and subtile sound







I love the simplicity. I’m trying to achieve the same (even though my decor and environs couldn’t be more different).

I use active monitors with a DSJ as well – I recently jumped from Focal Solo6 to SM9.

However, I found the addition of the BHK preamp was a huge jump in sound quality (and the right tubes even more so!) – enough to justify the extra box, AC cord, interconnect.