Modem with 2 Switches

I am finally getting around to setting up Bridge II with an NAS server. Currently have a Motorola 6580 modem with 4 ports. 1 port to a television and 1 port to a Netgear GS-105 switch. My question is: Can I add another GS-105 switch to the router for the NAS and Bridge II? What would be the best way to set this up?

You should be able to another switch with no problem. You can also connect to existing open ports on the modem or switch you already have. Or replace the current switch with a bigger one.

I recently did this. I first plugged my new/additional switch into a port on my older one and it didn’t work. Then I reversed them, with the cable from the wall to the new switch and the older one plugged into the newer one; all was well. Please don’t ask me why, but try this if you have any issues.

Switches are magical. I do not question how they work for fear the unicorn glitter will leak out.

Most of them these days (I believe) will automatically sense whether you have plugged in a standard ethernet cable or a crossover cable, and adjust. Formerly - and possibly still with some - you need to use a crossover cable (different wiring pattern) or arrange the modem/switches so it’s sorted. There are likely others that can articulate this better.

Thanks for all the help. I have decided to go with an 8 port switch to make life easier. I will just have to run 2 more 50 foot cables.