Munich High End Show report


Back from the Munich High End show and finally had a chance to put together a 30 minute video of the show, complete with a bunch of interesting interviews from reviewers, designers and new acquaintances from around the world.

Have a watch.


Only $185k for a pair of speakers. Cheap. And a Half million for the amps! All you need is one or two customers a year and you’re all set!!

Edit: Of course, when one is confronted with those prices the PWA at $4k to $5k will be VERY reasonable!!

Double edit: Actually in all seriousness, it was a show like this in 1983 that got me started in HiFi. It was in England. Nothing like this existed here. At the time the Brits LOVED the Krell, so when I came back home I bought the Streets, PS IVH, and Acoustats. The rest is history.

And here I am today . . . .


@admin > Paul, thanks so much for the guided tour of the show! Really nice job on the video, and with all of the money you saved me on a trip to Germany I can afford to buy more gear!


That was cool - thanks! Judging by the shot time, I’d say someone behind the camera has a bit of turntable lust going!


Very nice and informative :slight_smile:

Pretty good audiovisual quality as well.

I am starting to get tired of all pictures available on the web with no information attached, so text or explanations are most welcome.


Some audio shops are doing just as good a job as some of the magazines, like this one:!ev/artykuly/30_06_2009/hiend.html

and with Paul’s roaming video and interviews, it is a lot better than the so-called hi-end journalists. On a web trawl I did notice a piece of Ken Kessler’s about Munich 2012 that appeared in Playboy South Africa…so if you like to read… :slight_smile:


@frode Thanks Frode. I brought along a portable video camera that I intended to shoot with and the stupid thing died on me within a few minutes - luckily my son reminded me that the iPhone 5 has an HD video camera built in so I shot the whole thing on my iPhone. There’s much a photographer can criticize but not too bad with a mobile fun for both the video and the audio.


@audio.bill And drink more beer!


@streets still works Thanks Streets - there was also a lot of really affordable great sounding gear as well but that doesn’t get the raised eyebrows as much as a half a million dollar 50 watt per channel tube amp does.

Paul McGowan said: 50 watt per channel

would have to bi-amp with that little power :D


After watching the video… I wonder if there is some connection with High End Audio and Tooth Decay?

Must be the increased resolution and harmonics. :smiley:


Enamel shattering decibels?


European dental care?


When I lived in Brussels (granted this was nearly 40 years ago) there seemed to be a cultural bias against the concept of the toothbrush and toothpaste. Hey, if parents didn’t make the kids brush, they’d not grow up to make their kids use them, either. Don’t know if it’s gotten better since then. But it may have been a holdover from the middle ages when the accepted norm was that everyone had bad teeth and it was no big deal, so that’s held over to modern times.

But hey, if they buy P10’s, PWA’s, and PWD’s then they can go commando in their own living rooms as far as I’m concerned as long as I don’t have to watch . . .



It can happen closer to home too!


or this guy could do the next digital board installation video?


Thanks for the tour Paul. I agree it is more engaging than just reading captions and looking at a few pictures.


Great Vid! Thanks.

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