Noise connecting PWD MKII to Stellar S300 Amplifier via balanced XLR

I connected my PWD MKII directly via balanced XLR to my Stellar S300 Amplifier to use it also as a Preamplifier. Doing so i get a constant noise from the Amplifier not changing with the volume setting.

Using a Preamplifier between the two components the noise is gone.

Has someone experienced the same or could give a hint what the problem could be.


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Assuming nothing’s wrong with either component/IC… Have you tried the dac’s ground lifting capabilities yet?

Thanks for the fast reply.

How can I make use of the ground lifting capability.
Is there something in the menue to set?


I believe you will find this topic of interest:

Furthermore, you may search on ‘ground lift’, using the search option, to read how others fared with their systems.

Wait, PWD mk2 is not ds mk2, but rather an old legacy product, right?

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Yes Its not the Direct Stream Product but the predecessor Perfect wave DAC with Bridge.


What noise? Hiss, static, hum, buzzing?

Sounds a little like searching for a radio station. Its not constant.

Then people going on about ground lifts isn’t going to do anything. Lifting ground is mainly for hum and buzz in the system, not static like you’re referring to.

Maybe a bad connection, bad cable?

What preamp have you tried that eliminated the noise?

I am using a Proceed Pre as preamp with the same cables. Before I was also using NAD C510 DAC-preamp with the same cables to Stellar S300. No noise at all.

Also using non balanced cinch connection to Stellar S300 from PWD MKII gives no noise at all.

Upgrading the PWD MKII to the latest firmware cured the problem!?

Thanks to all for your help