Noise harvester and my air conditioner

It’s getting warmer and warmer where I live and we started using the air conditioner,
Funny thing is that earlier this year I bought the PS Audio noise harvester,
Didn’t expect much of it and it actually did not show noticeable improvement to the sound. It didn’t light up very frequently either, so I concluded that either it is just not doing anything or I am really lucky to have very clean power to begin with (I am running a dedicated line to my HiFi)


Now that we turned on the air conditioner it started flashing like crazy :slight_smile:
I have a few air conditioners at home, but only 1 in particular causes the noise harvester to flash like crazy. I know that this particular unit is different, it is an AC Inverter type of air conditioner (supposed to invert AC to varying DC and therefore be more energy efficient, or something in that area of explanation). So I guess this AC inversion process is kicking back some nasties back to the main,

I would really like to prevent this leakage at the source.
Is there any EMI filter I can install in-line to the air conditioner plug that will help reduce this effect?
I have no way to actually measure the noise to know it’s frequency or amplitude.

Will something like this help?

Noise Suppressor Power EMI Filter Termianl Single-Phase Line-Conditioner JREle AC 115/250V 30A JRW1230-44