Occasional clicks from BHK 250

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing occasional clicking sounds from my BHK 250. These noises are softer than the rather loud click (a relay?) that the amp has always emitted when it comes out of standby. They happen once or twice an evening. Usually they seem to come from the right side of the amp (seen from the front), but I have occasionally heard them at the left. I always warm up the amp for 2 to 3 hours before listening, so I don’t think this is caused by a metal part expanding as it gets hot. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Should I be concerned about this?

I had some odd faint clicks coming out of my BHK 250 in the first year or so. Never figured out what it was, but I do recall commenting on it in the forum. I think it was in the “BHK 250 Beta Tester Issues/Comments” (or something like that) which seems to have been removed. It was commented (by Paul if I recall correctly) that there weren’t any other relays and was probably heat induced expansion, but it stopped after a while and hasn’t returned. I did send my amp in for a “tune up” earlier this year after a binding post failed so it was disassembled and that may have corrected a problem related to heat expansion. No mention was made of replacing relays or anything that would “Click”.

Thanks for this, pmotz. The clicks I hear do sound more like metal parts expanding than relays. It does seem odd that they have appeared suddenly on an amp that has been in service for more than a year, and also on a unit that is thoroughly warmed up. The sound has not changed as far as I have noticed.

Hi All
Has anyone reached a conclusion to what the occasional clicks are?
My new BHK 250 makes this occasional click normally around 30-40 minuets after switching, is it as simple as metal expansion?
Sound quality is not reduced, but is it something to be concerned about long term ?
Many thanks

My conclusion is metal expansion. I will add that I have heard the clicks a few time recently, but there isn’t the regular occurence (i.e., about 30-40 minutes after turn on) that I had previously. My system is in the basement and the amp is on a PowerBase on the floor so there may be a slightly greater temperature change going from stand-by to operational. No need to worry about this unless the clicks become more frequent.

Many thanks for your reply
I though that this is the case, once the amp is up to temperature there are no clicks.
My previous amp would pop and click on warm up and cool down then again it was class A and ran a lot hotter!
Thanks again

By the way are you using the power base with the BHK 250?

Yes I am using the PowerBase under the BHK250. I didn’t want the amp directly on the floor just in case any moisture found its way under the amp (so far it hasn’t).

Is it worth buying from a sound quality point of view price here in the UK is £1000 GBP ?:weary:

Indeed, metal expansion as it heats up. It’s a good thing.

Thanks for confirming Paul.
It’s a hell of an amplifier my Wilson speakers love it
What huge improvement on my previous EAR YOSHINO 890 amp.

The PowerBase is a nice way to support a PS Audio product plus the two outlets are great for my subwoofers. Is it worth the UK price? My response would be no, though I’m sure others here would disagree. There are lots of options for vibration reduction/isolation for that much money so I would explore those before committing to anything.

The PowerBase also incorporates excellent power filtration.

But, I agree, it is not worth £1000 GBP. I hate to say this as I like the product a great deal.

Thanks guys.
I was only interested in the filtration side of the power base, for isolation my BHK is on the no longer made legendary MANA ACOUSTICS SOUND FRAME it is awesome.