Octave Records PS Audio

Not heard of them as my interest in DSD was a week or two and I bought from highresaudio.com

This is from the Qobuz store: 604,329 high res albums in the following formats:

DSD really does seem to be a limited format in terms of releases. The reason is of course because so few studios have DSD recording equipment.

A grand piano has a bend in the middle of one side. The recording sounds as if you are standing in this bend. It is not a perspective one normally hears.


Not always a particularly pleasant perspective either, though this may be a matter of taste…

Thanks Elk…now when my album arrives I will better be able comprehend the
acoustical image as the music plays…

I saw the pics of the how the piano was miked and imagined that was what you were trying to convey earlier…

So now it is the waiting game for album to arrive…

Thanks again Elk

It will be an interesting perspective for sure Joma…
but am sure it will be a delight either way

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Received my copy today! Fantastic sound playing the dsf file thru the DirectStream dac. Please let this become a trend including the high resolution files on a separate disc with the SACD! Bravo!!!


You mean it’s one of those recordings where the piano is everywhere like an out of phase signal? Probably an interesting effect but then only tonality seems to be comparable to the real thing…strange to do that.

No, it is not out of phase, but the image is wide. One hears one side of the piano out of one speaker; the other side, out of the other speaker.

I am interested in learning what others hear and what they think of the presentation.

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Would love to play a snippet but I see no way to play the examples as they are no separate files and I am too lazy to install an extraction tool.

Anyway that width seems strange…as you say like sitting in the piano.

I haven’t posted often, but had to since I received my copy of ‘Out of Thin Air’ today. What a fine recording! It sounded like I was in the room. My media room has a Spinner piano at one end and a multi-channel system at the other. My Oppo 203 plays both the data disk, and the SACD without issue. Love the sound stage of the stereo and appreciate the effort to get me so close to the piano. My system, (almost near field), resolves it well. Thanks to all involved. Don’s playing is so fine, and Gus’ mix. . ., can’t thank you guys enough. I’m looking forward to your next release.


The sound stage on this album is really massive. At times I wondered if there were two pianos. I generally don’t listen to single piano recordings and this isn’t the typical music I play so maybe this is common with this type of recording? I do like this album and the recording overall is outstanding. I’m excited to see what else will come out of this studio! Oh, and the packaging is really nice. SACD plus data DVD. I love this and hope it is a trend!


Probably asked already, but any chance of a vinyl release?


Perhaps. It’s really difficult to get a good pressing these days but certainly vinyl’s on our list. Love to.

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I ordered last week…but did anyone get an order/shipping confirmation?

See, here, et seq.

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I did through Amazon but no tracking info. Maybe if I get off of my Ass tomorrow and walkover to the Community mailboxes, It’ll be there waiting for me.

Yeah, i hope i get mine sometime…ordered it a week ago. Maybe ill get it today or tomorrow.

I ordered the day it was announced. Kevin reached out yesterday and said they will be getting my order shipped shortly, so I believe they are processing orders and getting them out as they can.

Ass still on Couch…walked the Dog and forgot to check the mail.

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Hello Paul,

I have the Directstream Junior and I mostly stream to it via the Mconnect Control program on my phone. How do I play those DSD tracks if I were to purchase the recording? Can I load in my phone memory the DSD tracks from the data DVD and stream them to the Junior via the Mconnect Control program?
Renato Dallarmi