Octave Records PS Audio

I was wondering if that would be the case…thank you aiki14

I’m sure PSA will learn and grow form all this. Gonna see if mine is in my PO box today.

One thing I would suggest in the future though would be shipping and tracking info for material shipments. Even if it takes awhile to ship, knowing the status is very helpful.

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USPS. We can’t afford to ship via FedEx.


And we need to support USPS where we can.


Exciting. Looking forward to my copy!

I believe the response is an indication of the trust and confidence people have that PS Audio does and will produce a quality product.

I can confirm that this disk sounds great, from performance, to mastering. It sounds, if I had to choose a word, real. You had talked about Octave on the forum, when I saw the release I immediately ordered it. As I listen now I’m glad I did.


Soooooo this just happened…I just got an email from Travis at PS Audio with a copy of my order date “today”, June 24th, and that my cd will ship in 3-4 weeks. What??
I received an email confirmation of my order from PSA on June 12th saying they received it (I ordered it on the 11th).

What gives?


I have a feeling PS Audio didn’t figure on Out of Thin Air going platinum! Time to take on some staff in the wrapping and shipping dept!

I guess, but people that ordered the same time I did have received the cd already.

I just got mine maybe 20 minutes ago, and immediately copied the DSD files into mt Roon library. The sound, and performance, are absolutely phenomenal. By far the best sound my system has ever put out. I have never heard such a realistic rendering of a piano. Thank you Paul! Thank you Gus! and THANK you Don!!


Our pleasure!!

I’m currently up to the Gruisin Likes Gershwin track, and the more I listen, then more I understand what a precious gem this recording is.

When did you order yours?

I ordered mine within ten minutes of receiving the email offering it up for preorder.

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Huh, Well, I guess I’ll enjoy mine 3-4 weeks from now. Disappointing.

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This is crazy. I ordered mine sometime before 3:30AM on June 13. I just got email today with the actual invoice. 11 days to get the real invoice…wow. The email containing the invoice says they “should” be able to get my order sent out in July. Well, July 31st is 48 days after the order was placed and that is just to get it sent out.

So I could be looking at 6 weeks from now and almost 8 weeks total before I receive the order…for something that was list as “in stock” when I ordered it. Wow…

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I ordered my copy on 6/11 and received it today by USPS. That’s about two weeks and I’m happy. The packaging is nice and so is the sound. I’m not doing back flips over it, but it’s very relaxing and it forced me to take my DSMP out of mothballs.
Now, can anyone explain how to rip that disk to my USB drive? I have DB poweramp but have never used it. Tidal keeps me pretty busy! LOL

Paul explained the issues, including being overwhelmed with the orders and being forced to hand assemble the packaging.

The delay is unfortunate. You can always cancel your order if waiting is a big deal for you.


Has anyone gotten their order yet?

I made my order two weeks ago…still no invoice, tracking…nothing.

Same here.