Opinions wanted on system upgrade

Hi! My system is currently a Node 2i > SGCD > Stellar S300 amp > Mirage OM-5 speakers ( omnipolar, powered subs). Which piece do I upgrade first for the biggest jump in sound quality?

Before purchasing anything else…do you have a power regenerator?
That one piece will serve you the best upgrade in sound quality…

If you don’t already have a regenerator …put your hard earned $$$$
there…this one piece will elevate your system beyond you expectations.

The regenerator did so for my system…night day difference.

Best wishes in your audio journey!!


My first response would be to start with the speakers. But a better response would be to ask about the type of music you like and the dimensions/characteristics of the listening room. And are there any special circumstances such as the accommodation of a SO likes and dislikes? Then what is it you like and don’t like about your current set up. Finally what price range are you considering?

+1 @BillT for first response. Speakers!

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Unless you have a regenerator your upgrading may yield some
improvements, just not on the level of flat out getting the
regenerator in the first place …If you don’t already have one.

Coming from having been down that path…
running without a renerator is like running a car on bad gas…
not good at all!

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I heard Goldenear backed by $100k of electronics, guess what… Strata and Zu Omen smoked it for $5k total…


They used to sell for about $3500 ten years back. That would be $4500 or more if they still produce them today. I think they received some good reviews as well. What speaker cables are you using?

I had not heard of the OM5 speakers but looked them up and it appears they may benefit from lots of power. If I were you I would start the upgrade path with a pair of M700 or M1200’s depending on your budget. After that a regenerator like some others have suggested. After that, cables. See how much you can improve the OM5 sound then move on from them someday with your solid foundation built.

The finest of automobiles will only clunk along on bad gas…
good quality gas transforms everything!!!

So it is with our audio systems…cannot urge you enough to
get a regenerator first…all else will come into place on much
higher level of play…

Been there done that…having been through many component
upgrades prior to purchasing a regenerator… including having
a PS Audio Quintesence plc…and as amazing at it is no where
near what the regenerator will accomplish by replacing an incoming
clipped distorted ac sinewave for a perfectly shaped outgoing sinewave
to feed you electronics…

That’s my .02 and am standing with this!!

Best wishes in your journey friend!!

Thanks for the replies! I don’t have a regenerator. A P3 should compliment the other components well. My interconnect cables are Audioquest MacKenzie, my speaker cables are Morrow 3. The OM-5 manual calls for 100+ watts. They have powered subs, and the midrange drivers have a tendency to fry at high volume. They are around 89db efficient. As an example, my optimal playback level on the SGCD averages around 20 in my 10X14 room filled with upholstered furniture. Green Day sounds good at 40 when my wife isn’t home. I listen to a variety of music except r&b/pop and large symphony.
Stepping up from a Rotel dac, pre, and power amp 200w/ch made a huge difference in clarity and realism.
Unfortunately I recently lost hearing in my right ear due to Meniere’s Disease, so all those soundstage subtleties are gone for me. So I’m not sure what I’m hoping to find, but I was pretty happy with my Rotel gear until I went PS and heard what I was missing. My budget could cover used DSD, M700, or P3.

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Looks like you’re all set in terms of cables and the speakers.

Oh, so sorry to hear this. Did the doctors say if you can hear again with it?

Regenerator…biggest bang-for-the-buck, hands down.

With all that said I would go P3 for sure. They are awesome!

Thank all! P3 it is. That should take me near the knee of the cost/sound quality curve.
My hearing won’t come back with current available therapies short of cochlear implants.

I would say new speakers.

And if you do get a P3, make sure you get a good power cord like a pangea AC9SE MkII for it. The stock cord degrades what this regenerator can do.

P3 and pick up Zu Omen Dirty weekend for $1k

Midrange, Tone, Dynamics… all things not necessary to have two ears for

Review of the speakers. I don’t think they are a limit at this point.I’ve appreciated every change through them so far.