P5 in Multiwave mode has higher THD out

I have been usin a PS Audio P5 for a couple of months and it has been good.

I had it in Sinewave mode as I run a turntable and think I read that it could effect the speed if in Multiwave mode. Garrard 401 and a Pioneer PLX-1000.

I switched over to Multiwave mode and notice the THD out is always a lot higher. In sine mode it is always 0.1 but in Multi mode right now it is around 0.5. When my THD in goes up so does the the THD out but only in Mulitwave mode.

Is this normal? Sounds good by the way.

I was running .39 firmware and just went back to Multiwave upgrade .38 and it seems to stay around the same.


I’ll check for you. MultiWave does increase THD because it adds some 3d harmonic but the metering system should compensate so the reading remains the same.

Thanks Paul.

I just checked again and it was like this.


Then I heard a click noise from inside the P5 (like a relay) and now the THD out dropped to 0.1 to 0.3.

I did buy the P5 from a Australian PS Audio dealer but as a 2nd hand model that was traded in to the next model up a P10 by a customer.

I also hear clicks from the P5 during the day and night sometimes. I always thought this was some sort of protection kicking in as our power here does jump around a bit. It never interferes with the sound just a click coming from inside the unit.

Could be nothing but thought I might mention it.

ADDED: now its back to around 0.8 after a few minutes.

Tonight I was checking it again and seems to be going fine jumping between 0.1 to 0.3.

It is after midnight now and the voltage is higher too.