Pass XP-22 preamp with BHK 250 power amp

Because the BHK preamp has no tape in/out or fixed RCA out connectors, I’m looking for a different preamp so that I can record using my Teac X10-R R2R. Top of my list is a Pass XP-22. Can somone share their experience using a Pass XP-22 preamp with a BHK 250?

The closest I can get is that I once had an XP-20 with BHK-250 combination. It sounded wonderful.
No issues.

Thanks for the response. Since the XP-20 is precedessor to the XP-22, it should work as I hope. If you still have the BHK 250, what are you currently using?

I’m also looking at the Luxman CL-38uC preamp because a local dealer offered me a deal that’s hard to refuse. My only reservation is I don’t think I can use XLR cables with it, based on it’s published XLR input specs.

Luxman CL-38uC Preamp
“… Be aware that the maximum input level at the balanced input is 2.5 V and therefore sound signals may be distorted if a device with larger output level is connected.”


RCA Unbalanced and XLR Balanced Outputs
Output level low
Balanced: 0.282 VRMS
Unbalanced: 0.141 VRMS

Output level high
Balanced: 2.818 VRMS
Unbalanced: 1.414 VRMS

The BHK250 was sold long ago.
I’ve been using Pass Labs amps and preamps for years and never a problem, hum, buzz, fault of any kind.

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What he :point_up_2: said. I haven’t used a BHK amp in my own system but for me the step from the XP-20 to the XP-22 was a nice improvement. More resolving, slightly blacker background, all while remaining natural. The '20 is no slouch, though. If you can find one at price similar to that Luxman I’d say go for the Pass.


:+1:t5: Thanks for the suggestions.

I believe the spec is maximum listening level, you must of be listening at extreme/max volume to get to that output voltage level, typical listening volume will not be even close to 2.5V. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Edit Nvm… sorry I see you have DAC output level into preamp. You can always lower the volume on the DSD DAC to something like 90 to be under the 2.5V limit of the Luxman. PS Audio can tell you which volume level correlate to which output voltage.

Thanks for the response, and the insight as to how voltage level works.

I actually have my DSD DAC maximum volumn level set to 90. It gives me a smoother and less abrupt change in sound level when I increase the volume. At that level, it also gives me the closest volumn match to my Stellar phono pre when I change inputs from one to the other.

Check out Sun Coast Audio’s Pass Labs program. I haven’t contacted them since I ltopped off my Pass wish list before Mark Sammut (Reno Hi-Fi) retired, but they seem to have picked up the baton from him and are continuing the business model.