PCM to DSD vs. PCM to DSD

“Hi Paul” (I alwayz wanted to say that … yuge loverboy o’ da YouTube channel)…
Anyway … let’s go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to the late 1980s when Matsushita and Philips were tryin’ to come up with cheaper ways to do that D-to-A thaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
Results: MASH and Bitstream.
Here’s the cheat sheet for the ‘zam:

This means Matsushita and Philips were doin’ that PCM to PDM (DSD) thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when.
So eyez donts gets its … here’s what I donts gets … here it is … right here …
How can companies like Chord and PSA improve on that 1980s process – still used in modern Sigma-Delta converters – in their 2022 products? Is it better PCB layout, boutique parts, cleaner power supply, well-designed (analog) output section?
I’m havin’ a real tough time at that reinvention of the wheel thaaaaaaaaaaaaang?
Toodles, folks!!

Track down the youtube vids showing Paul and Ted’s original introduction seminars re the DirectStream DAC. The design principles that make this product unique are well explained there.

And you may want to get your keyboard cleaned—several keys appear to be sticking. :sunglasses:


Sorry that title got corrupted … It should be: PCM to DSD vs. PCM to DSD … it’s this forum’s absurd time-out that asks you to refresh or ignore. I’ve lost so much content that way … come on PSA … get a proper forum!

Yeah … I’ve been thru ‘em all. Now I don’t ask for outfits like Chord and PSA to disclose their “David Copperfields” … but, frankly, I was expectin’ more from the latest enthusiasm for DSD, as far as it’s fundamental math and theory go.
Now goin’ wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to early 1986 when I got me first CD player … the PCM had a certain bite and punch that even my relatively high end Nakamichi/Dual/Ortofon analog end just lacked.
Ditto today with my VPI/Rega/Sumiko/Van Alstine analog end. Convenience aside … and inner groove distortion (arrrgh) aside, my multi-bit RedBook CD player (Naim) is still superior. (Yes, I have SACD and DVD-A, a Pioneer Elite DV-59 … it’s “okay”)

Looks like the y key is still sticking!

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