Percussion Anyone?


Glen Velez is a master of the frame drum.

Even makes it look easy. It is not.


some frame drum history-


Gorden as I am sure it is hard to do , and considering I think I know him from the subway here in NYC . How board must you be to even find this video. Lol

Al D


@Gordon thanks for tip, very nice music



Wow another type of drum and way to play it. Always ready for some new music and instruments. One wonders how many types of drums and instruments are in this old world? It would be interesting to see lists, pictures, timelines, and cross cultural development as well.

Steven B-)



Cool, I will try to dig up some of my favorites to share.

Often we get locked into a particular genre that we relate to, understand or just sounds good on our rigs.

In my case, I try to overcome these by going “back to basics” and looking for musicians who are skillful in expressing their hearts through their chosen vehicles.

This often brings me to styles that are somewhat ancient since back then, performances were less produced and relied on more one on one connection.


I will start with India since it has been somewhat of a second home for me for almost 40 years.

Concerts there can go on for days and go through many phases of emotional and collective expression.

These two guys are amazing Chaurasia, a master of the south Indian flute and Sharma, of the North Indian [Kashmiri] santoor.

Some santoor history-

Some bamboo flute history-

The interaction and intuity [ new word] of these musicians is an early inspiration for what we later experience as jazz. See how they watch, feel and interact, often with a knowing smile.

Also an interesting interview near the end.


There is a magnificent solo on frame drum by Glen Velez on this fantastic album (Nafas).

I own about 10 Hariprasad Chaurasia albums - the undisputed master of the bamboo flute.

He also played with the “remember Shakti” ensemble, featuring John McLaughlin. Phenomenal stuff. Listen to “lotus feet” - beautiful tune:


He mentions in the interview that he had recently done some work with Ian Anderson.
I could not find anything on youtube though.