PerfectWave Amp?


I remember last year some discussion of a perfectwave amp that would match in terms of footprint with the PWT and the PWD. Is this product dead or is there an ETA of when it is coming to market. I am in the market for a new amp and would be willing to wait if it is coming out soon.


There is a new amp in the works and Paul reports it produces wonderful sound.

My entirely speculative, no insider information whatsoever guess is we will see it in the first quarter of 2014.


The prototype needs more tweaking, apparently.

It was supposed to be released this quarter, but we’ll have to wait until Paul figures out how to make it where you feel you can 'touch the instruments.'

I’ve been waiting for 4 years for it, so what’s another 4 months?




Can you give some indication on what the amp was that you were comparing to at Arnies? If not model , maybe price rage and amp topology


Given the amp was a Sonic Frontiers and the description of the sound, my bet it was Power 3 monoblocks. They were rated at 220W with a tube compliment of eight 6550C, four 6922, two 5687 tubes.

Very nice.

There was also a Power 2 and Power 1, both stereo amps. The Power 2 was essentially a cut down (110W) version of the Power 3 in a single chassis. The Power 1 was 55W, IIRC.

I had a number of Sonic Frontiers pieces, all with wonderful sound and ergonomics. Their remotes were of solid billet aluminum.


Or could be the Reference 600s. yummy.


Great product, but Paul describes the amp as “An older Sonic Frontiers tube product . . .” and notes it is flat into a 4 ohm load. The Power 3 is one of the few tube amps with a very low output impedance and is thus flat driving even 4 ohm speakers.


Ah I must have missed that.

I read an old article stating that Nudel’s reference was the AR. I’m sure hehas had many fillies in his paddock.

I do love some of the classic tube amps but just do not have the patience, or the $$$, to keep them optimal.


I am also sure he has had a nice collection pass through his paws.

Tube amps do not really take that much attention. Tubes are much more robust than many lead us to believe. One also gets very good at making whatever adjustments to bias a given amp needs and knowing when it needs a little attention.

But, then again, I drive cars with manual transmissions and write with fountain pens.


@elk ah the finer things… I love my Graf Von Faber Castell fountain pen.


Very nice! They use some luscious materials.


I had a sonic frontiers SFS-40 and it was a fun piece of kit.

Tube amps are dead easy to keep running to spec. I check the bias of mine monthly, eyeball it on start up for the customary reasons.

I am looking forward to auditioning the new amp as well - I’ve been a bit so-so about anything class D so I welcome having my anchoring biases dashed.


This is OT - but here we have the glow of the 845s doing their magic - two new PBs just installed on the rack (I look forward to chucking out the laptop once JRMC and WS work perfectly on a mac mini). Never mind the positioning of things…a bit of a compromise at the moment for the sake of domestic harmony. Some people don’t want 120lb of tube amp in the middle of the room - WTF?

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Notice the PWD front panel button is dimmer than the rest of them? Do you think I’d be able to get a new one that is of the same vintage as the PBs so they match? Afterall, it is a bit of a shrine to PS and therefore ought to be perfect.


If I remember right Paul said PSA is waiting on Parts from the Ncore folks.


I have high hopes for the PerfectWave amp. May it generate many gold pieces so Paul can purchase the brainpower and skills of the brightest programmers to perfect previous projects.

Steven B-)


Paul has confirmed my suspicion it was the 220W Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monoblocks, a wonderful amp.

I am very impressed Paul is striving to capture the image palpablity of a high-end tube amp in his new SS amp. This is exciting.


It will be even more exciting if he pulls it off. Since there were already delays due to supplier (Hypex) contstraints, this seems like a good way to fill in some of the time. Just hope it doesn’t mean signficant new delays.


Exciting only if I can narrow things down - but yes, i agree. And to make matters worse, Arnie’s Sonic Frontiers is a highly modified unit with special tubes - about as good as it gets. Oh well, I never seem to bite of a small bite. :slight_smile: