Persian Rug and Listening Room

I’m designing a music studio and in the process of analyzing the addition of a rug. I thought of going the Persian rug route as most do; however, I have access to creating a rug from scratch. In reading and digesting the rug affect, here is the design at this point: New Zealand wool, 200 knots per inch, and 1.25in pile. In addition to this open backed rug, adding a very dense 1/2in pad. The room is 14ft X 12ft X 9ft and the rug is 13ft X 11ft. My question: since the smallest distance is the height of the ceiling, what is the contribution of carpet to the sound dampening of the room. I’m going to be adding low frequency corner traps and diffusers… interested in knowledge of dense, deep pile carpet effect and the range of frequencies it will absorb. From what I have read, it quiets the room. Although this is good for recording, the room will be used for listening. What are the benefits (frequency range) and what is the general feeling as to the use of rugs?

A floor rug damps some high frequencies, but nothing else. This can help with first-order reflections off of the floor.

Elk - Thanks… that seems to be what I have read… quiets the room