Phono Converter Issue

Dear All,
I have a strange problem with my NPC.
When I listen to vinyl records right channel is much lower than the left. To
I plugged my NPC on other inputs of my amplifier (RCA and XLR), but the problem is still present (other devices work normally on these inputs).
Using VinylStudio to register (in 96 Khz/24 Bits ) my records, the result is strange : on the left channel everything is ok and perfectly recorded. On the right channel, it’s simply inaudible (crack, larsen…). To test, I switched the phono cables and RCA unsuccessfully.
I reset my NPC without change (firmware in last version).
Your help is welcome :wink:


Try switching just the phono inputs and see if the problem moves from channel to channel. If you swap the phono inputs from left to right and nothing changes, then perhaps something’s wrong with the NPC.

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your quick feedback. I just tried with another phono preamp, and the problem disappeared.

I suppose there is a problem with my NPC. I will contact my dealer for warranty. I’ll still have to wait to listen and convert my LPs;).

Thanks gain for your help.