Phono Stellar

I am a happy owner of the phono stellar, I wanted to ask if anyone has used the custom load settings available. What do you think according to your experience? In your opinion, how should a Denon DL103 MC cartridge be set? Experiences in this regard are welcome. Thank you

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If by custom, you mean the variable resisters, I found they were not as good sonically as a custom value metal foil resister to ground and selecting the 47K loading. I do that with my Kiseki Purple Heart which is best at about 500 ohms. I do not have direct experience with the DL 103.

Thanks for the reply. It could be a solution. To obtain 500 ohms what value of resistance is needed? Did you use an adapter to insert the resistor I imagine…

No experience with the Denon cartridge. But I can tell you my experience with loading a cartridge, in my case Linn Asak moving coil. I’ve found my cartridge responds most consistently with a 60 ohm setting. But, I’ve had good luck with some albums at the 100 ohm setting as well. 60 ohm sounds most natural with the tightest bass. 100 ohms sounds slightly brighter with somewhat looser bass response. But it also really delivers much more dynamics with imaging that can really pop. With many albums the 100 ohm setting sounds too over the top and wooly. Think of the loading as a shock absorber for you stylus. Higher ohms gives you less control. These numbers probably won’t give you the same results with a different cartridge but the basic principles should apply. At least this has been my experience with my system.
Being able to change your settings in real time from your listening position is a great feature. The Stellar Phono Preamp provides the feature when few others do.

Yes I agree, being able to vary the values ​​in real time is fantastic and helps a lot for the best set up
At the moment I have set, via the potentiometers, a value of around 400 ohm (since the output impedance of the head is 40 ohm)

Since 47K is so large, you can simply select the closest standard resistor value to the desired loading. It should be a metal foil as it needs to be very low noise and the one I have is 499 ohms. This calculates out to (499*47000)/(499+47000) = 494 which is close enough.

Since I made my own phono cables I soldered in the resistor in the input plug. If you have pre-made cables where the sleeve will not unscrew, you could add a T-adapter adaptor and solder it into a phono plug that would be in parallel with your phono input.

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Perfect thanks. I have the VDH cables that come with the SME arms I will use a T adapter that I have. I’m going to hunt for the necessary resistors :slight_smile:

This is the one I picked up: Y0075499R000F0L Vishay Metal Foil Resistor 499 Ohm 1% 300mW Rad VSR-499R00-1% | eBay

I have already ordered the PRP Metal Film 0.25W (1/4W) 1K, 390, 510, 680 from a local retailer so I can do some testing. The PRP factory is in Mediapolis, Iowa USA The tolerance is 1%, it seems that they are the valid substitute for the unfortunately disappeared Holco ones. We’ll see how they go
PS. I have to invent a way to insert the resistors onto the RCA jack so that I can replace them quickly without having to desolder

There is a significant noise difference between metal foil and film so I would switch when you find the value. As for changing resistors, I would simply create multiple plugs as the can be reused for cables in the future…

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Hi, I bought those because I had them quickly from the local dealer and also because they cost a very small amount. As for the connectors, I’ll see what to do, in the meantime I’ll have fun doing some tests. Thanks for the suggestions which have opened up a new way for setting this splendid phono.