POLL: PS Audio DAC owners, which company manufactured the primary source component feeding your DAC?

My Sony UBP-X1000ES is my main Streamer that feeds my SGCD via the coax input. I also used the USB input direct (for now) from my Homebrew HTPC/Music Server. The SGCD’s DAC is used for all my PCM playback and the Sony’s built-in DAC is used for DSD 2.0 channel (up to 11.2MHz) and my Sony’s AVR’s DSD DAC only for decoding 5.1 channel DSD.

I run a Dell desktop pc with Windows 10, with Fidelizer Pro. I have tried other sources but nothing has came close to it on my system. The IFI Igalvanic in the usb chain really does help as well. Between that and the Fidelizer software it really takes it to another level. But when I upgrade from the Dell I plan on going with a Nuc since they are much smaller and people seem to be happy with them

While I have a number of source components, most are feeding an analog signal to my SGCD, for a variety of reasons. The Bluesound Node 2i is outputting analog so it can decode MQA files from Tidal, and it’s also the device I use to connect to my iMac server, so any playing of those files arrives at the SGCD as analog. My SACD player (Marantz) outputs analog because of its design, which will not read the DSD layer at all if its signal is sent through a digital output. That leaves two components connected digitally for the SGCD to decode - an old Rega Planet CD player and an old Sony MDS-JB940 minidisc deck.