Best source of I2S DSD128 for DS

I’m looking for the best source of I2S capable of DSD128 for my DS. I was at some time looking for the Sonore Rendu but now they put the I2S in a separate box with USB INPUT… really, that doesn’t make any sense to me. So now I need something that have a REAL I2S output. No PC’s, Mac’s, just something like the Rendu. I’m not into any USB. I only need I2S. Don’t try to convince me of using USB it won’t work.
Any suggestions?



I have a DS with Bridge II but bridge II don’t support DSD128

I am considering this:

But, I have a dilemma. I want to experience both DSD128 and MQA. I can’t do both with this DAC.

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The Sonore Signature Series Rendu, discontinued but pops up from time to time used for around $1500.
Plays DSD128 via I2S to the DS beautifully!
The engineers still provide updates, not Sonore and it will also play 358.2 WAV to the DS.
No MQA, there is a ROON workaround if you have to have ROON.
I use the SSR in my system, do not make a mistake and underestimate this renderer just because it is 3 or 4 generations back in the Sonore product line.


I have seen Jesus post on CA that they have new units from time to time.

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I just bought one of those little I2s boxes (Sonore Ultradigital) from Small Green Computer to use with my DS Jr. It’s paired up with a Sonore microRendu. So far so good.

This Mano looks like a good option!

Whilst this doesn’t answer your question, you do have me contemplating why DSD/I2S/MQA etc etc seems to be flavour of the month. This evening I’m listening to vanilla red-book CD sent via coax to my DAC. It would take a lot of convincing to convince me that those other things mentioned would win the end-user experience against what I’m listening to tonight.

Because this hobby is about the chase, not the destination.


That’s a bit cynical, @Elk.

It’s about options. I don’t know that I care all that much about MQA. I am a Roon + Tidal user so there may be some benefit to having the option to play MQA. I also have some DSD128 content. Being able to play that format would be nice. Who knows, I have get more more DSD128 content down the road. Then again, maybe not.

The only way to play MQA tracks is via the Bridge II card. You can’t play DSD128 is through the Bridge II card.

This is why I think the new Bridge card, whatever it will be called, should support Roon, MQA, and DSD128. Options…

Not in the least cynical; the typical audiophile is obsessed with chasing “better.” This is why DSD/I2S/MQA, etc. is flavour of the month.

They will remain so until the new flavour of “better” is introduced, often to great fanfare.

“Better” is the destination…so it is about the destination then. Okay…

Nice try, but there is no destination. Once the new item, software, setup is in place the chase continues. “Better” is always just ahead . . .

You are free to disagree with my characterization of the typical audiophile, but please let’s not play semantics.

Whatever. I don’t know anyone that buys news stuff that is looking just to buy new stuff. That would be chasing for chasing’s sake. People that buy new stuff are looking for better sound. That is the definition of a destination. Don’t blame me for the flaws in your semantics.

I was addressing the concept that people in this thread were after the flavor of the month. That is just plain incorrect as DSD, MQA, and I2S are not flavors of the month. They are real items/features that people want.

I’m sorry, but you are just bickering; I never stated “anyone that buys news stuff that is looking just to buy new stuff.” This is silly and a fabricated strawman.

Rather, audiophiles enjoy chasing better sound; they tweak, they play, they try new things. But they rarely stop and say, “That’s it. My system is perfect. I’m done. I’ll just listen to music from now on.”

There is nothing wrong with this. It is a hobby.

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I don’t want to be done chasing, that’s where 1/2 of the fun is.

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I find that most audiophiles enjoy the chase. It can be great fun, although also frustrating.

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If your DAC is a DS then you are listening to a DSD128 version of of your Red Book. But some record companys like Blue Coast actually record at DSD64, 128 and 256. Then I like to get if possible the original sampling instead of a down sample one (ie if it was recorded at DSD128 I will try buy it in DSD128), why? Because it is a direct copy of the mixed master, in other words is a first copy of the original master before mix… The quest for the best is not only in equipment but the source is important to.

I appreciate the stores that let you have additional lower resolution copies of recordings you buy. E.g. if you buy a DSD128, you can also download a DSD64, .etc. Then if the original is DSD256 I’d buy that and also get the DSD128… (That is, if the price differential seems appropriate.)

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@Paul MacGowan is there something new in the works from PS Audio as a source of DSD128 in I2S? I remember you mentioned the possibility of an external bridge, how about that? I have been waiting for something like that from PSA.

Here is what I use to feed DSD128 to the DS via I2S (it sounds spectacular, and it even has a dip switch to convert DoP to native DSD):