Power Amps to connect to Power conditioner or not?

Did you test Power amp Audio quality without conditioner connection ?
And compare it ?

Sure have ronen…ain’t going back to wall. Going to wall straight is like getting
bad batch of gas on a fill up where car engine stumbles and chokes at
a stop light…

So friend, if you can swing it get a regenerator…this is the ultimate power
upgrade anyone can get…

What sort of gear are you running?

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Which power conditioner are you running now?

New Mcintosh MX123 A/V Processor + Mcintosh MC255 Power Amp + Focal Electra 926 speakers .
Power conditioner: Furman elite 10Ei

That’s very nice gear friend how loud do you listen in general?

Also I wonder how much power draw at full song will your Mc255

I like Focal have the Aria 948s not familiar with the Electra 926, wonder what
you electra 926 sensitivity/watt is…helps determine demand load on amp.

Thus power needed by amp on your Furman.

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They’re brand new , didn’t connected them yet.
Because of corona virus I didn’t receive my AudioQuest cables so no further details now.

ronen what a bummer about your cables …

Are you doing cabinet install? Reason for question
you may like to go ahead and run on stock power cords
temporarily if back of equipment is relatively easy to access.
If not is there a quick work around for the time being so you
can start enjoying your system?

Is all your gear new?

The gear is placed above a cabinet.
My Mcintosh is brand new 1 month old.
Never plugged to mains power.
Power cables: Transparent Audio,
The focal speakers are 8 years old.
Tv : plasma Pioneer kuro 5090
Now wandering if a Stellar Power Plant 3 can replace my Furman or not. Really don’t know !!!
Still didn’t finish my upgrade…

Ronen, That is a very nice cabinet your preamp and power amp sit on.

My thinking on your Mc255 is that Mac does not want your dynamic
range to be affected by otherwise limit the current supply.

I do not think with your current set up…that current limiting would be issue
with a P15 regenerator.

I don’t think a P3 can supply your equipment’s demands. Probably P15
would be best option.

Your best bet would be go to ask the experts …they are by far more qualified
than myself

Wish you the best with your system

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Thanks very much indeed

My pleasure ronen, please keep us updated
with your journey…

You might want to read my thread, and consider what I found and am finding…
all wonderful good with plenty of head room if listening in 50-70 base range
allowing for crescendos on top of that. P12 never blinked. My Parasound A21
power amp has a heavy dude power transformer is 35 lbs of its own, 4x25,000mfd
total 100,00mfs power supply…very heavy duty stuff.

Power Requirement
Standby: 1 Watt
Idle (no music playing): 160 Watts
Typical Listening levels: 300 Watts
Maximum: 1400 Watts

I’m sharing all this with you you might go with a P12 ( mine has yet to blink and
have thrown some heavy FFF (triple forte) stuff at it.

You could upgrade from P12 to P15 if P12 shows greater demand and shows that
it is struggling. I’m sure PS Audio team will work with you to upgrade if necessary.

Hope this helps you along your audio pathway.

After a few more hours on my P12…seeing how the P12 was responding
went ahead a installed the SR Quantum Blue fuse…another performance

This morning I decided to throttle up my sound levels playing Telarc’s release
remake of Sound Of Music…

Had my American Recorders sound level meter on the ready…

Here we go:

Opening sound of field finches about 33-34db on opening of music theme Sound of Music then increasing to 55-60 db.

Throughout the recording vocal strong transients into the 81-82 db level

The church bell peal about 70 db then the Cofitemini sung by abby nuns
into the low 80s then the mighty pipe organ hits at 98-99 db…
and wouldn’t you know my sound level meter decides to time out…
but not before registering the 98 db level and that was not the loudest moment,
pipe organ gets louder perhaps 99-100db…but I won’t know as I don’t want
to exasperate my neighbors.

My eyes were pegged to P12 watt meter and db meter as well and at the loudest transient only about 375 to 400 watts max drawn by my entire system.

Pipe organ is rather lengthy not brief duration.
At no time did my system sound choked or dynamics reduced far from it.
Rather seemed to be beg me louder louder play me louder…my ears said
'nough of that.

I have my Oppo 205, either my Wyred4sound STP Se Stage 2 or Emotiva XSP1 Gen2
plus My Parasound A21 driving my Focal Aria 948s.

P12 more than able to handle the load

Ronen… just so happen to come across this post regrding his 2 Emotiva XPA 1
mono blocks which can be and were both switched to high bias of 60 watts rms class
A operation. Amazingly his P12 plus a Plinius SA 50 another bruiser of an amp.
In addition to this preamps and other sources. Quite a load but the P12
carries it quite well …I imagine your current system would easily be carried by the
P12…and boy would your system ever sing…that much I know from my system
now being powere by P12

Here is the link to PS Audio post

Another great read…hope this helps you

Just saw this thread and thought I’d add my 2 cents worth. Well in reality, it’s not my 2 cents worth but decades worth of experience from one of the greatest amplifier designers on the planet, Nelson Pass on the subject of power supplies and line conditioning:

Can’t recommend this classic Stereophile interview enough. I could summarize Nelson’s view of line conditioning as luke warm, but not a ‘no’. I have one of his X-series masterpieces, a X250.5, that I’ve tried plugged into my Furman line stablizer/conditioner and straight from the wall. No contest for me, straight from the wall for all the dynamic punch the X250.5 can deliver. But then, Nelson makes the point every Pass amp is designed to be its best under real world mains conditions. My humble opinion from many years of experience is try it both ways without any pre-conceived bias and don’t assume a hard and fast rule applies. It simply depends on the gear.

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As good as Furman line conditioners are…
they are not power regenerators…a huge world of difference…Line
conditioners can only remove but so much grunge…they cannot regenerate
a damaged distorted ac sine wave which as a result cannot deliver full power.
These distorted sine waves contain thd that messes up an amps ability to deliver…
Also Line conditioners cannot correct the thd present on the line.

I had a PS Audio Quintessence line conditioner that did an amazing job for my system…it had a display that would show thd on the line or incoming voltage…but could not ever resolve those issues.

Having come from conditioner to regenerator no going back the improvement
made by the regenerator is that good…my old Quintessence would never have gotten my system to where it is today…

Thank you Paul and the entire PS Audio team for such wonderful products.

Get a P15 and give it a shot …you will be amazed at the difference. You’ll
be saying now why didn’t I do this before.

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Let’s not forget that a Furman line stabilizer/conditioner is, in the end, added impedance and a power conditioner, which we do not recommend for the very reasons owlsalum mentions. You’d be better off straight into the wall with a great power cable if that
were your only two choices. A Power Plant regenerator, on the other hand, is an entirely different kettle of fish and cannot be lumped together in this category, by Nelson or anyone else.

Apples and oranges. It’s always tempting to lump things into categories, as I have written in the past, but in this case quite incorrect to do so.


Exactly. Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. We should not compare conditioners, stabilizers, and the like to regenerators properly done.

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well :blush: As paul says in his great videos, I’m from Israel, really like to try a PS regenerator , but unfortunately I can’t “try before buy “ so it’s not relevant for me …

Shalom Ronen!!

You might want to check with your local PS Audio dealer there in Israel ( I hope there is One). Perhaps as with PS Audio here a 30 day satisfaction return guarantee here,
perhaps there could be the same there…

Yes P12 is well worth it…from my own and testimonies of the many who have purchased a regenerator…

Don’t give up …

Tikvah Ronen!!!

As I said, no Option to test , unfortunately