Peak Amps for Amps on Power Plant 12/15 vs Power Conditioners

I have a question regarding the benefits of using a Power Plant 12 (or even 15) versus some of the better power conditioners (such as a Furman Elite PFi 15). I understand that regular power conditioners will choke your dynamics, but some of the better AV power conditioners have outlets for Amplifiers that provide 45 amps peak power for those transient/surges in power draw.

Obviously, the Power Plants also provide peak power higher that what your wall may allow, as well as surge protection and line conditioning. But what are the other benefits sonically? What advantages over a decent AV power conditioner can I expect if upgrading to a Power Plant?


Welcome csrt8 to the fun forum…

Furman Elite conditioners while very nice pieces of equipment Are Not
power regenerators and do not yield the nowhere near the same soundstage
quality as a P12, P15, or P20.

This I know coming from a former top of the line PS Audio Quintessence line
conditioner…the upgrade to a power regenerator is light years ahead of
my old Quintessence and all other power conditioners.

Now that being said read the entire thread link this is a real eye opener
the power amps running off of a solo P12 are behemoths. You will see
lots of photos on current draw etc…the P12 doing a wonderful job with
it all…Happy reading!!

Click on the direct link for the full thread…thanks

By the way…no dynamics choked …
and in my own system are substantially improved!!!

Hope this helps your journey.

Csr78 what kind of gear do you have? Helps to know how so as to guide you better.


Gear: Revel F228be Speakers, Audioquest cables (higher end, for power and interconnects), McIntosh MC252 amp, BHK Preamp, Denafrips Terminator DAC, Innuous ZENith streamer server with Phoenix Reclocker, Rega Planar 8 and Rega Aria, and the Furman Elite PFi 15.

I’m at the point where it’s hard to tell if upgrading equipment will be worth the price. Also, “trying out” large 100lb amps and power generators isn’t easy at all, especially in my cramped room (ehm man-cave).

csr78…thanks for posting your gear you have really nice gear…one thing
you can do to make your system sing and perform at new heights…don’t
think about it twice…get a regenerator…

The link I gave you uses a P12 with extremely power hungry gear and P12 takes
it very well.

From my own experience…I knew that my gear could perform well above my
experience with my system. Enter the P12 the 3d illusions attacks fade aways
bass instruments hung in 3d space from the tiniest nuances finger guitar strokes
slides and sudden picks that jump into space…previously either unheard or just
barely present.

My system is Focal Aria 948s Nordost Red Dawn silver plated copper wire,
Parasound A21 power amp Oppo 205 hd udp Nordost Red Dawn balanced interconnects, Emotiva XSP1 Gen 2 or Wyred4 Sound STP Se stage2 preamp
all powered by my P!2 regenerator.

The P12 has provided what sounds like a huge upscale upgrade to my overall
system. It is that good!!!

My suggestion is keep what you have and get a regenerator…P12 may be more than
enough and if not PS Audio will work with you to trade up to P15 regenerator.

Truly you will not regret getting it…you have excellent gear that will most happily
respond to good clean power.

Here is a short excerp from my earlier post…

After a few more hours on my P12…seeing how the P12 was responding
went ahead a installed the SR Quantum Blue fuse…another performance

This morning I decided to throttle up my sound levels playing Telarc’s release
remake of Sound Of Music…

Had my American Recorders sound level meter on the ready…

Here we go:

Opening sound of field finches about 33-34db on opening of music theme Sound of Music then increasing to 55-60 db.

Throughout the recording vocal strong transients into the 81-82 db level

The church bell peal about 70 db then the Cofitemini sung by abby nuns
into the low 80s then the mighty pipe organ hits at 98-99 db…
and wouldn’t you know my sound level meter decides to time out…
but not before registering the 98 db level and that was not the loudest moment,
pipe organ gets louder perhaps 99-100db…but I won’t know as I don’t want
to exasperate my neighbors.

My eyes were pegged to P12 watt meter and db meter as well and at the loudest transient only about 375 to 400 watts max drawn by my entire system.

Pipe organ is rather lengthy not brief duration.
At no time did my system sound choked or dynamics reduced far from it.
Rather seemed to be beg me louder louder play me louder…my ears said
'nough of that.

I have my Oppo 205, either my Wyred4sound STP Se Stage 2 or Emotiva XSP1 Gen2
plus My Parasound A21 driving my Focal Aria 948s.

P12 more than able to handle the load

Here is the full thread…