Power supply for DSD

The Ferrum Hyksos power supply recently won an EISA award. Has anyone used it with a DirectStream DAC? Any experiences with any other separate power supply?

I run a high current HDPLEX300 to run my 12V analog. Dc cable is a Ghent Gotham with JSSG shielding. It is about multi regulation and current at least 2 mps. Yours is first mention of this supply.

Seems pricey for a SMS 995 dollars and no specs on noise just touting adjustability and how things might sound. Unless I already owned one I would look at ones others used in the Modding the Directstream thread.

I didn’t know there is a “Modding” thread. I’m not finding it easily, so if you can offer a link to it, that could be helpful.

I’m not promoting the power supply I mentioned. The EISA award reported in the most recent Stereophile simply raised the issue in my mind.

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There is tons of advice and success in here. Upgrade of output transformers, external LPS, and adding RF and EMI, shielding. All are easily performed and bring great next level performance cheaply.


Thanks very much.