Powerbase as isolation platform, other choices

I knew Jack Kennedy…you’re no Jack Kennedy.

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Great one :grinning:

I’ve got Isoacoustic ISO-pucks, Isoacoustic Orea’s, Finite Elemente Cerapuc, Entreqs anti vibration products, several different foam based solutions and approx 10 different home made solutions based upon layers of cork, foam, visco-plastic, hardened glas shelves, butcher blocks and even more… I can start by confirming that Oreas are better than Iso pucks.

What no one mentions is Townshend. Townshend is way better than Isoacoustics. Its a better price/performance ratio even if it costs doubble or tripple of Isoacoustics products.

A person that swaps Isoacoustic Gaia (same tech as Oreas) for Townshend realises that Townshends are game changers.

Most products do not prevent post ringing (as Townshend does)
Sorbothane polymers usually do not absorb below 35 Hz.
Earth movements (crust + traffic) are around 7-9 Hz.
Townshend absorbs from 2,5 Hz and are super efficient from 3 Hz uppwards.

Have a look at Townshends podiums and platforms.

If you have not put your speakers on Townshends, there is a very high probability that you have not heard even close to what your present speakers are capable of. The effect under electronics is less than under speakers, though still class leading performance.

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I’ve been tempted to try the newer Townshend speaker platforms, but I’ve read a couple of reports of the foot part failing after some time. Can’t recall the specifics, but it gives me pause.

Looks interesting. What are the other supposedly best products? Stillpoints Ultra? Nordost Sort Fut?

I have only had success with my Townsend gear and I have only got ravings from others.

The speaker platforms are so good that even if they only lasted a few years they are worth it. I think you can trust they will last as long as the speakers, maybe longer.

I’ll definitely have to check it out then. And I learned about another platform today called Minus K, similarly priced. These are all new to me.


Interesting. I will have a more thorough look at Minus K Vibration later. Their 0,5 Hz performance sounds promising to say at least.

Regarding Townshend… I had a dialouge with a person that changed their size of Townshend Speaker Podiums and both of us were of the same opinion… that Townshends are so good that the strategy of choosing speakers have to change.

First get Townshends, then find the speakers.

Usually people tend to find speakers and then tweak their feets. The other person have got Tambaqui, Magico M5, more time alliend room threatment than most etc… so he is a serious Audiophile.

So… in my mind… Townshends are a real game changer that most people have yet to discover. Unless you have got downward firing compound bass-drivers you should be home safe with that the Townshends works well with the speakers.

Has anyone tried Symposium platforms? Under electronics, not speakers.

Townshend products are very good, but ugly and expensive. I have used them, sold my Podium and till use bars under my subwoofer.

I had to change the springs in the bars as the REL is heavy and the bars were a lower spec.

I have bought some acrylic and springs to make a turntable base, total cost £120, the equivalent platform is £600, but the real problem is that the black is ugly and acrylic is less obtrusive.

I use a Symposium under my tt. hard to infer from one experience but it is non-bouncy and despite having wood floors I have never experienced any feedback or other issues thry my cartridge with it. I would think that for lowish-amplitude vibrations they’d work well for electronics. I do not know about their frequency limits but the guy who owns the company is very responsive.