Isolation Footers for new P20 Power Regenerator

I ordered an early Christmas present the other day and while I’m waiting patiently for its arrival, I got to thinking about Isolation support or screw in footers for the unit. I currently use HRS Nimbus assemblies as well as Sympoosium Rollerblocks under other components but was contemplating something that screws into the P20 due to the weight of the unit. Being as the P20 weighs almost 100 pounds, I only want to place it in my rack once and the thought of moving it in and out seems about as fun as paying the credit card bill when it arrives with the P20 charge…:grin:

I’d love to hear opinions on what people are using beneath their P15 or P20. Right now I’m considering everything from replacing the feet with Stillpoints (seems very expensive) to using the Isoacoustics pucks or something from Herbies arsenal.

My entire system sits on a solid rack with 2" maple shelves.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

My gear:

DAC: PS Audio Directstream JR
Turntable: SME 20/3 Turntable, SME V Tonearm
Phonostage: Boulder 508
Preamp: PS Audio BHK Signature
Amp: Mcintosh MC 452 Amp
Power: PS Audio Directstream Power Plant P20
Speakers: Vandersteen Treo CT / Vandersteen Sub Three with M5-HP Balanced HP Filter,
Cables: Audioquest Thunder 20 amp Power Cable from P20 to wall, Shunyata Venom HC Power Cables, Nordost Heimdall 2 interconnects.

I use these under my components. I haven’t gotten around to putting them under my amps or my power regenerator yet. The Bordeaux will work under the amp. Each puck per a corner is rated for 32 Lbs. So good for 128 lbs total. Well built, at a cost that’s reasonable by Audiophile standards. Work great and look good.

I plan on replacing the P20 feet with Magico Qpods.

I took the stock iron/felt feet off my P10 and put VooDoo Cable IsoPods under each corner. I really like these footers and use them system-wide.

Can someone share your experience with footers specifically under a P20? I use IsoPods under everything except the P20 and I’m struggling with would it be worth yet another 400 bucks?

@RonP - same here, Isoacoustic pucks under everything but P20, would love to hear any feedback.

I don’t have a P20, I have a P10. I have IsoPods under it. Makes a difference. I can hear the difference between Iso-Cups, Aurios, Orea, and IsoPods and prefer the IsoPods.

Wow. I was wondering if it would be responsive at all but apparently it’s very sensitive.

Well, I can imagine a P20 would be a bit different than a P10 but still should show you a difference. (Mine also sits on a PowerBase.)

ugh. another $400.

I feel your pain, believe me.

Isoacoustics makes pro cabinet isolation footers (stage 1) that can be screwed to a nice wood block to use as isolation. I think I paid about $150.

How much do they cost?

$420 each.

Thanks. I’m sure they must be great.

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These threaded sorbothane footers work great. Since they are an industrial company they provide real plots effectiveness per lbs loaded at frequency. I put them under my MC1000s my preamp and my DSD. Very reasonable. Feeling equipment with music playing no vibrations. Also can hear the difference. The only other isolator supplier to provide plots is Isoaccoustics Gaia. They work too.

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I suspect you have already bought something by now but just in case you haven’t or if others are interested I personally like the Townshend Isolation platforms for all my equipment. You can buy individual feet for a little bit less but I just find it easier to use the platforms. You can get special ones for your speakers too - IMO one of the single biggest tweaks you can make - PMC (my favourite speaker company) even recommend them.

I agree 100% with you.
They are amazing.
I have them under all my equipment.
The biggest impact is on the speakers, but the electronics also benefit.
I went with the pods without platforms, but the result is the same : a major improvement.
A side benefit is that the bass is decoupled from the room and the house : much appreciated by my family and neighbors :blush:

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I use a Cerabase slimline on a p20 foot.
It fits well on the p20’s feet (removing the rubber cover in the center of the Cerabase slimline)
And I felt that it was effective in changing sound quality.
Although it is a small change, I think the sound quality change positively.

image image

After checking prices adn weight capacities on ISO-Acoustics’ equipment footers, probably I’l continue to use Herbies’ Tall Tenderfoots…Tall, Extra-Firm…

The primary reasons are that I have six available and that, under all my electronic equipment, they help my system sound FABULOUS.

If I decide to use something more complicated, probably it’d be six ISO-Acoustics’ ISO-Pucks.

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