Pricier integrated vs cheaper seperates?

Wasn’t sure where else to post this and did not seem like good fodder for a new thread:


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Scotte1: actually I believe this could make a great topic as I went down this particular path as part of my downsizing scheme. Auditioned all the Accuhase integrated amplifiers. I’d say there are more than a handful of stunning capable integrated amplifiers out there. I also read somewhere that Accuphase Japan has worked with the US importer resulting in a 25% MSRP reduction. My guess Luxman’s price adjustments circa 2019-20 had something to do with it.

Accuphase mono blocks are on my list of end-game kit.

Maybe some day…


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The E800 class A is a special integrated within the line, a rather large margin performance wise to their more traditional class AB offerings.

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I would love an excuse to buy Accuphase!
I bought an Integrated tube amp for my computer desk system and I love it! Cheap too.

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The E800 is most worthy

Which one? Just so happens my desktop “iTube” low wattage integrated (very cheap) has broken down after many years of service and I am torn between trying to get it fixed or replacing it with something else…


I bought a VTL, or whatever the turntable people are called. Only 100 made. $2500 with a two full sets of tubes. Someone had a real nice Cary for sale here a month or two ago for even less. I’m pleased as punch with mine.



I have been keeping my eyes open for a used MHA 100 or 150 at a great price.

A picture of the MHA 150:

Solid State though…

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An understated beauty.

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The VPI 299 is killer!

Had several H.H. Scott 299D integrated amplifiers. Rebuilt a couple of them, all gone now. Fun amps! Not heard the VPI but I am sure it is a nice listen. Part of the fun with tubes is to see that tube glow late at night with the lights dimmed.

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There currently is one available on USAM. Price seems fair. The now gone Cary was also a very nice unit. Lingered on the Forum Market Place way too long IMO.

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That is tempting, but I am afraid its footprint is just too big for the desktop deployment I have in mind.

Seems like great kit at a fair price…

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I get it as it is not exactly a headphone amp.

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