I'm selling BHK Pre and going integrated

The BHK Pre is WORLD CLASS!!! Period. However, I’m downsizing. Has anyone here gone integrated from separates? I’m leaning toward Luxman. Here’s a goofy video I made about my decision to go integrated.


I did exactly that! Had a BHK pre (which is awesome!) and at first, Pass XA60.5 monoblocks, then later to an Audio Research REF75SE. Sold it all and went with a Luxman L-590AXII. Surprise, surprise, the sound quality went up! The Luxman is truly stunning.

Speakers are Wilson Watt/Puppy 8’s. All interconnects, phono cables and power cables are Cardas Clear and Clear Beyond. Speaker cables are Silversmith Fidelium (replaced Cardas Beyond Clear!!!)

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Whoa, that’s interesting. I’m a big fan of Luxman integrateds, but would not have expected the 590axii to beat an ARC Ref75se - a very serious amp indeed! I’ve never heard BHK pre so not sure how that would have affected the pairing.

Luxmans are the real deal though. I preferred an L509X on Wilson SabrinaX’s over ARC VT80/LS28 separates on same speaker, at roughly half the cost of the separate pair, but the Ref75se is a different performance level than the VT80.

I can absolutely see the appeal, for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is pure zen simplicity. And if I live long enough, my wife and I will no longer be able to care for our house, and we’ll no doubt end up in a modest senior apartment someplace. When that happens, the luxury of a dedicated listening room with no other space demands than my equipment and my chair simply won’t be a possibility. So yeah, I’ve thought about it. Without having done any actual research yet, my assumption has been that I could probably be reasonably happy with any number of compact electronics (maybe even foregoing my turntable) if I can find a smallish speaker I like. And given changing markets, and no immediate need, I haven’t even looked into that possibility yet.

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Now that my components are starting to add up (only after 6 months), I’m wondering if PS Audio would consider an integrated - A Perfectwave (next-gen) like the Stellar Strata. An all-in-one with phono pre would have quit the appeal to me.

I love my Rega Elicit R Integrated that includes a phono pre input. These can be found in great condition for under $2k. 80 wpc of clean power.


Hey Al, where do you have that set up?

In my computer lab. It is fed by a DSD Jr to B&W 805n speakers using the Matrix and related gear.


Sounds like one heck of a sweet spot.

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I have six complete systems in two homes, and one complete system out on loan. I should open a shop.


Or at least throw parties.

By the way, my girlfriend loves animals and is remarkably good with them. She makes friends with the wild deer, fox, etc. She would be delighted to babysit your bunnies if they ever need care. The five wild bunnies here she has named and can easily tell apart.

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I’ve used an integrated and single source (turntable, then CD player, then server, now back with a turntable) for almost 40 years. I now use a Devialet 250 Pro CI, a superb digital system. A Devialet 140 would suit your needs at a good price, but clearly you need lots of dials and flashing lights for the audiophile experience. The products you suggest, Accuphase and Luxman, are very popular this side of the Atlantic and score highly on dials and lights. Even Mackintosh is popular here.

My only advice is that internal MC phono preamps are generally OK at best. So if you re using MM phono, look for a device with an internal one, but for MC phono and you are serious about your vinyl, don’t worry about internal phono.

Minus the flashing lights, anything Rega, Quad Artera, but the Sugden SA21 SE is an all-time classic brilliant 30w Class A integrated.

The 590axii is leading the pack right now. Once my BHK sells, I will get serious on buying a used, demo or if any dealer was to have any new stock left.

@dclark2171 There are some very good sounding youtube demos of the Luxman 509X by Terry at Pursuit Perfect System. Been watching sites for a Luxman for couple years, most are in Japan, extremely rare to find one here. Music Direct will order the L-550AxII and the 509X as the 590AxII is discontinued. Agree with you and Craig_Burgess on the zen effect of less equipment, although the i believe the Japanese integrateds outweigh the BHKPre and DS together, so figure in a moving dolly… best of lux

There’s one for sale on AudiogoN.

I did this same this year! Sold my BHK Pre and BHK mono blocks. Bought a Gryphon Diablo 300 Integrated. LOVE IT!


I went from CJ classic pre w/bryston 3bsst to unico 90. I like the minimalist approach of the 90. I use a PS stellar phono. At 160w into my 4ohm sonus faber maxima amators the system sings. Less cables