PS Audio and AQ Equipment Blow-out

I came across this on US Audio Mart, and vaguely recall several forum member interested in acquiring lightly used amplifiers and preamplifiers. I should add I have no affiliation with the seller. I do suggest vetting the seller by what ever means your prefer.
So offered are:
BHK 300 Mono Blocks
BHK preamplifier
AQ Niagra
Hurricane PCs.

Or save your coins for the Gryphon you now you need.
Good luck to the interested parties. WDW :smile:

PS Audio Blow-out


Seems like a great deal. That is over $20k what all that equipment would retail at.

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Hopefully not too good to be true. But I agree, potentially a favorable deal. The BHK monos especially seem to be fairly priced. I’m guessing the Hurricanes PC could be had from Nick new fora wee bit less than the seller’s asking price.

I stumbled across a PDS DSD DAC on the 'Gon for $2,200. No bridge, but again, once vetted, some one should steal it. Some one did as I typed this…

PSA DSD $2,200 AudioGon

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I agree on the cables. I think the Hurricane source cables can be purchased for less and possibly the Niagara. Overall the starting price for the whole package will get you a killer turn key system IMO for $23k

If you have the need and the funds I think a best price offer between $21-$22k would be a really good deal! If you can get it for less than $21k you’d be crazy not to buy it.

I agree, and with a bit of negotiating probably a little under $21.5. Now for speakers. Maybe a pair of ML Renaissance will do the trick!

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That’s about how you need to price those DS’s to move them quickly :^ / Glad to see that one gone already!

@robwilgus, you lost me on the three weeks comment.

Ooops…wrong forum member :^ /

The ad for this was marked sold today. If one person bought the entire setup, they are in for a treat!