PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?

So you think topic drift should be supported in this manner? Why title threads then? Maybe it’s time to pass the task on.

This forum is full of “topic drift.” I learned long ago this group of cats wants threads to reflect actual conversations - chats among friends move and weave with nobody yelling “That’s off-topic!”

It would be a full time job to monitor all the threads to make certain their content only reflects their title.

My splitting threads often upsets our fellow denizens. It is a fine balance. Thus my query as to preference in this occasion. Let’s learn what people think.

I’d be interested in later feature comparisons, so however we decide today, we will see the two topics together again anyway.

On the one hand I think this is no marketing thread but a discussion thread, so everything could stay here…on the other hand, the special topic Roon or Roon update would deserve an own thread to stay followable.

But to mention Roon topics here and there in this thread should be „allowed“ further on :wink:

Good thinking. I like the idea of splitting off the Roon update comments and continuing our discussion of Roon in the context of servers/players.

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Comparison of Expected Octave functionality to any other online music service including should be OK in this thread. But discussions about Roon 1.7 specifically would do better in a separate thread, very interesting though.

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Posts regarding Roon 1.7 have been split off to their own thread here.

Hi Paul,

I assume your UI would be different than Roon, while we could also run Roon UI on this if needed. Right?

About Roon not decided yet afaik

“Deep thought”…the answer is 42. But you prolly knew that : )


Jackie Robinson’s number!

Not great news for ppl who have invested in Roon. I love PS Audio as much as anyone but developing UI and music playing interface is a very big and difficult job, even Apple is failing at it big time with their latest Apple Music junk! Roon is only a software platform dedicated to this job, so if PS Audio could possibly create a better UI, then all kudos to them, but for anyone who’s invested $500 in Roon, not having one is a bit of a deal breaker!

I would agree with @elk about allowing the threads to flow, but the Roon conversation was specific to itself…Just sayin’.

After a long bit of thought I’ll share with you what makes sense to us right now.

The Octave Server (or whatever we call it), is a complete unit that includes ripper, hard drive, operating system, internal computer, Digital Lens, etc. Unlike Roon, it does not require a computer because it is a complete ecosystem unto itself.

In order to operate Octave, users will need to use the Octave interface. Everything is controlled from that interface, so it makes no sense to use Roon (since it does not allow access to Octave’s other features), so users would be required to
switch back and forth between Roon and Octave to even run the server. That’s just goofy.

Octave will be as robust and intuitive as Roon, but of course different. Some will like it better, others will not. That’s ok.

We’re not willing to compromise performance or user experience.

When we build Octave into our DACs, whether through a Bridge III or built in without a card, we’ll likely offer a choice. A Roon end point or an Octave end point.

This actually makes sense because Roon (or Octave) will always require a DAC. When we offer a DAC to folks, there won’t have Octave server’s choices to manage, only the music streamed to it. This allows users to choose what works best for them
and that makes sense.

This makes the best of both worlds.

Hope this helps with the clarity (and we reserve the right to change our minds). :slight_smile:


One clarification- end point built into a dac is switchable between Roon and octave, or endpoint chosen when purchased? I.e. different hardware for each endpoint type.
Sounds good either way :slight_smile:

This makes a lot of sense to me and give us the choice of both.

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OK so this is like an Aurender A10/A30, an all in one unit.

Back when PSA was utilizing eLyric I keep saying you guys should copy/mimic Sooloos. I look forward to seeing the new UI.

Will the octave support SACD through I2S to a PS Audio DAC?
Will it replace a cd transport?

@paul. I am a huge fan of Roon and of PS Audio. Your approach makes complete sense to me. One of the reasons I like the PS Audio tribe is that you are willing to make hard choices and not make comprimises if you think it will impact the audio experience. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace I think that none of us should be claiming we have a crystal ball for the future. One thing I am pretty sure of is that your crew will always be pursuing what they believe is the best for most if not all of its customers.

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Thanks Paul for this clarification… I’d love to see how it ends up working at the end, while being skeptical as Roon has a dedicated team JUST for the platform, Software, UI… to be able to re-create the same quality and features while also building a hardware platform is a tall order, wish you best of luck.

I however think giving folks an option should be considered as many have invested $500 on Roon and won’t just give it up for trying a new platform, specially with great Tidal integration in Roon! I do get it though, if ppl have a choice, your Octave platform may not get as much of a following…

I’m not sure I understand the difference between a streamer and an end point. Could you please detail this?

If you would build Bridge III into future DAC‘s without card, that means you’d have the disadvantages of a noisy streamer (as Ted mentioned) non removable in the DAC (as with the jr.)…so that others with separate streamers can’t get rid of it?

Im sorry I didn’t get it how you feature Roon when your streamers inside Octave or Bridge won’t support it.