Roon 1.7 announced

It seems Roon has stepped things up a little…


Version 1.7 is live. Sounds like a winner. They’ve upped lifetime to $699 though.

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Glad I got in at $499 a few weeks back…
I am running the new update…

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Good move. Lifetime subscription price just jumped to $699.

The annual subscriptions are what feed the business. The lifetime subscription will disappear at some point.

Wow, we should see who got in closest under the wire.

I upgraded to lifetime on the 19th, a day before they raised the price. No idea this was in the works, but I would have been monster crabby had I slept on it.


I ended up getting Lifetime in August. I’m glad I did it then.

I think the justification for a life time purchase here is mainly the very high cost for yearly…otherwise I’d say lifetime and fast changing business doesn’t fit together very well. I wouldn’t even trust the Spotify service existing anywhere near lifetime :wink:

We see many not supporting uPNP Server SW anymore, others like PSA probably not even supporting Roon anymore within the last year, so 500 or 700$ is really a lot for limited perspective


To me the cost of lifetime Roon depends on how one looks at it. For me the break even point is a tad past 4 years. Now I was a Sooloos user for like 10 years so I feel pretty good I will get 4 years out of Roon.

Now PSA not supporting Roon on new products is fine as that is their decision. I don’t plan on owning the new music server so it is a moot point in my book. Now if they decide to cancel support on their current products that is something different.

Yes, so the annual fee just has to be expensive enough…just as with my Adobe Photo cloud subscription, which is quite the same as Roon in price per year.

I will take a look at the new Roon how it i proved…will be interesting…and contact their support which is also very good.

I read somewhere that their sound quality problems have been solved a while ago by changes to the engine, but not sure.

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When I bough the lifetime at $500 I was confident that Roon would be around for at least another 5 years. I could be wrong but I thought that was a good bet 2.5 years ago and it looks like I was right. Roon adds a lot of value to the listening experience. I tell people if you have over $10K invested in your system I think Roon is a no brainer.


Roon have had a significant increase in partners, and with companies like TEAC and Bluesound supporting it, I think Roon will prosper. They also indicate that they have 100,000 members.

Just done a few classical searches that completely failed in Roon 1.6. Now work perfectly and much faster. This is a MASSIVE improvement. The speed of searching is astonishing.

I paid $100 9 months ago. I was concerned whether it was worth $500. This is well worth $700. It is a no-brainer.

It does feel like it’s been redesigned from the ground up and I’m not surprised it took 2 years.

I too purchased a ‘lifetime’ about 2.5 years ago. It’s been a very good bet in my experience.

Danny Dulai Roon Labs: COO explains:

Thank you for testing classical music searches. Every time I tried Roon it failed miserably with classical music.

I agree that 10$ per month is generally ok if one can be sure it continues to be supported by the HW manufacturers of one‘s like.

Ir would be interesting to know what staff increase PSA plans for similar continuing SW activities. Probably not that many until it shows noticeable acceptance over competitors.

I see significant improvement in SQ for streaming content like Tidal, Qobuz and internet radio stations. It’s impossible to A/B but the changes to the Roon os on ROCK seem to have had an impact.

Change from mono to .net is a good thing. Rock was just the first, other platforms are said to be updated in the future. It’s taken a while to get .net truly cross platform but it’s good because mono is pretty dead/old.

Agree. This is from release notes. This is programming AKA Ted Smith’s DSD Windom FPGA optimization play book.
Job well done. I also purchased lifetime at 499 a few months back at end of the 60 day trial.

Streaming Optimizations

For music playing from TIDAL and Qobuz, Roon now buffers data in a less disruptive way, and there are optimizations which reduce disk activity, CPU usage, and memory traffic. This means that streaming content starts faster and slower internet connections (or lower-powered cores) may also benefit when streaming high-resolution content.

Here is a screen capture now playing busy stream of music from Qobuz. The i5 core is idling 2 percent usage. Prior the graphs would

spike across cores with Roon 1.6.

Hope this is the right place to put this question: updated to Roon 1.7 today and everything seemed to be going ok - until, I sat down for a listen to an MQA track and noticed that although the signal path in Roon showed everything was in order, the display on the DS Jr. showed no MQA output.
56%20PM 40%20PM
But the display shows this:

using a networked connection/ MacMini i7 for Roon Core
?? any suggestions?

You just made $200! Congrats. I purchased my lifetime Roon subscription during my first month in April 2016. Turned out to be worth every penny, and Roon is way more advanced and feature filled now than it was 43 months ago.


It used to be so bad I searched in Qobuz and then posted the title into Roon. It’s now excellent and FAST!

This is clearly a ground up rebuild. The one mistake is calling it 1.7. It should be 2.1.