PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


Thanks much Paul!

You misunderstood me on question 1, but that’s not so important now as I understood, that with “PC” you were not (only) referring to the PC holding the Library SW in a Bridge scenario, but also to the Bridge itself rendering the track from memory. Althought in a Bridge scneario one can put the Desktop PC and NAS on a separate power cirquit, indeed the power supply of the Bridge itself currently can’t be isolated from the DAC’s power supply (you just could do so in a new DAC design).

In the Octave server I understood you do isolate the audio cirquits from also the complete rendereing cirquit. I agree that this must be an add. main benefit. If I’m correct, this is also the main technical and price difference between Bridge III and the Octave server as all other functions are quite comparable I assume.

Given this background, I just wonder why the Bridge perfoms so good compared to an external 3rd party streamer scenario, as the latter could in terms of power supply possibly be better isolated from the DAC than the Bridge.


Lots of great ideas and thoughts. Thanks. Battery power is always a double edged sword on any number of levels, but still, great ideas.


Likely because they don’t use the Digital Lens technology at all or in the same way we do. It’s been a constant key to our success.


Maybe the shared power supply of Bridge/DAC is a reason why the difference between flac/aif is (especially) obvious using the Bridge.


Nice! So why AGAI instead of just a high bandwidth fiber optic interface? Any particular technical reason? Or was it just a choice?

What I’m dying to know: Are you going to implement AGAI into the input stages for your other products? So your inputs would collectively have their separate power and maybe reclocking, and they would interface with the rest of the product via the AGAI, yielding perfect galvanic isolation. A Digital Lens Version 2, if you will. Now your customers could plug whatever other product into yours and get the best possible performance given the constraints of their equipment.


@Paul, do you think is possible someday to get in digital transport, file system based, the same quality as high-end CD/SACD transports (Esoteric, DCS, etc)? I meant, with a budget which not reach the skies.


@Paul really does not understand the market - I’m sure many of us would jump at the chance to purchase a mile long chassis. Plus, it’s a slam dunk for the Guinness World Records. Oh well, your “loss.”


The only thing that is objective about sound is that there is no objective truth as to sound.

Music quality yes, there is a baseline…sound? no. Impossible.



Yes, absolutely and we may do that if demand calls for it. The problem with disc players is that the use of discs is slowly going down. Though, that said, it’s still quite high at the moment.


Hi Paul

How about an update on the Sever both hardware and software.

How close is the hardware in terms of being able to listen.

Do you feel you are making good progress in the Octave software?

thanks magicknow


Please I beg you make the controlling software for the apple iPad compatible with iOS 9.0 and above. I really don’t want to purchase another iPad just to control the music server. I have a gen 2 iPad that works perfectly well and it can only be upgraded to iOS 9.3.3 which is what is on it.



Just please don’t place arbitrary limits on playlists. Users will always have valid use-cases that you weren’t anticipating.
For example, the Auralic Aries software (Lightning DS) that I auditioned would not allow any playlist with more than 999 tracks. That’s unacceptable to me.
I’m presently shuffling a playlist using Bubble, with almost 9K tracks - it simulates a high-res radio station of my preferred music, with enough variety that I don’t often get repeats.
My plea is just that you not put hard-coded limitations in the software, if it is possible to not do so.



Hi Paul

Can we get an update on the progress of Octave both hardware and software? Are you go to be able to get a listen to how the new hardware sounds?

How likely is this product to be available in the next 6 months or are we realistically looking at 9-12 months?


I would like to know the expected delivery schedule as OCTAVE holds up my plan to upgrade my CAS and pay the ROON life license :grin:


I use an Aurender streamer and like its control app, though it could be improved for classical music libraries like mine. I haven’t come across any other app that is able to display back covers as well as the usual front. I attempted to make a video showing its operation on an iPad mini, which you may view at Aurender Conductor App .


It will definitely be released this year but likely not until the spring or early summer.


Paul when do you expect to be able to listen to Octave hardware to give us a view on how it sounds?



Do you have any pictures you can post of the unit yet?



That’s a nice feature.


I just stumbled onto this thread. I am glad I did. I looked at ditching a server all together and just spinning cds as I do my vinyl. With the unfortunate demise of the DirectSteam memory player I found an affordable transport with I2S output. I can not believe what I have been missing with the capability of this DAC.

I was going to purchase the Aurender N10 after stuggling getting computer audio to sound the way it should (custom built server with Jcat usb , Jplay Femto server, and linear power supply, usb regen blah blah blah) I started to think that maybe it’s just USB interface in general. Hence the choice for the N10 with AES/BEU output and getting away from Roon and all the other players I have used.

I love the Roon interface and use it to listen to music at work or in my wood shop but always felt it imparted a veiled sound. There are others that sound better but the interfaces are clunky and unpolished.

To have an I2S output server with an interface that does what you described checks all my boxes.

I just keep spinning cds until the Octave launch date. I have put my server in a closet to be repurposed for something else latter.

Keep up the good work PS Audio team!