PWD: TOSLINK 96kHz 24bit input does not work, firmware 3.0.3

When connected to the TOSLINK 96kHz 24bit input does not work (44.1 kHz 24bit works fine) firmware 3.0.3. What to do??? PWD DAC2

Does coax work?

Hi Igor,

Have you made any changes to the system recently (cables, firmware, source, etc)?

And to make sure we can help you effectively - was it working before and now it is not? Or has it never worked with 96kHz?

never tried before. where else to get drivers for win 8 ?

If you’ve never tried before, this might be a problem with Toslink rather than your PWD. Specifically, Toslink was designed around 48 kHz. 96 kHz is normally the upper limit for what most folks can get to work, though it’s not guaranteed. It might be an issue with your cable or the device sending the data.

If possible, try out coax or a different optical cable. An affordable glass cable typically performs better and has an easier time transmitting higher sample rate data than a plastic optical cable.

Regarding firmware, you can find the latest version here

You want PWD 3.0.4. At the bottom of the page is a video covering how to update the firmware.