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I planned to upgrade my PWDac to DSDac but I also read about the latest incarnation of the PWT: a Direct stream Transport!

Does this mean that this new transport/player sends out a direct stream signal out to ány DAC? This would make upgrading my PWDAC to a Direct memory DAC not necessary or at least debatable?

Would it be an option to replace my current PWT transport for a DMP instead? Just swap the players?

The new DST will work with any DAC but will only output the DSD stream from an SACD when connected to a DS DAC.

Or a DS Jr. Possibly a NuWave DSD. The product page refers to PS Audio authorized DACs. The NuWave, as its name suggests, plays DSD and also has an I2S input but I’m not 100% certain it’s supported (if you’re going to invest this kind of money in a transport you should probably go for a Direct Stream or DS Jr. in any event).

vsopking said This would make upgrading my PWDAC to a Direct memory DAC not necessary or at least debatable?
While the PWD is a fine DAC, the DSD produces much better sound and it is well worth upgrading in any event.

The PWD also does not play DSD files.

Thank you all ! - So if I understand correctly: If I upgrade my PWD to DSD, my PWT signal will be transformed to direct stream in the DSD.

In case I opt to buy a DST instead (while using my original PWD) this will not result in any sound improvement - only when playing SACD?

This makes it easier to choose I think.

The DS DAC internally converts PCM input to DSD which is then converted to analog. The DST however is supposed to be an overall improvement to the PWT whether playing PCM or DSD, and in addition when playing an SACD it sends the DSD signal directly to the DS DAC for conversion. I believe Paul specifically mentioned in the DST video how much better CDs sound with the DST compared to the PWT. So adding either one of the DST or the DS DAC will have audible benefits compared to your PWT/PWD, and even more with both combined.

Thank you audio.bill. This is maybe just what I expected to hear - after all the abbreviations PWT, PWD, DMP, DSD … I am curious about the WAF…

You will need to poll some Ws.

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Spouse Acceptance Factor.

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Secretary’s Accepting Factor may be a further hurdle - one step at a time: so upgrading PWDAC seems best step for now.