Ready to become a member of the PSA tribe

I ride a Yeti and could not resist using their mantra. Hi, I really want to purchase a PSA DAC and would appreciate any opinions on what to expect from adding a DAC to my modest system. I am considering inserting the DAC in between my Oppo 205 and Hegel H300. I stream Tidal MQA through Roon. I have a Nordost Frey loom and Dynaudio Focus 260’s. 360’s or Contour 60’s are also on the list. Thanks for any opinions.

If I had $6k to spend I’d spend it all on the speaker upgrade first.


I agree, speakers first. If I had to build my system all over again, I would start with the best speaker possible. Obviously what your budget allows.

I agree with Brodric and Knecht. I have the Oppo 205 and it is a very nice system. Is the DS DAC better than the 205 DAC? Yes, but that being said, you will likely notice a more significant step improvement in other areas in the chain, such as the speaker or amp. I often listen to my 205 in lieu of my DMP and DS DAC when I am playing discs the DMP can’t handle and I am not disappointed at all. However, my speakers and amps have evolved quite a bit along the way and neither I would consider my weakest link.

That being said, I have not heard your amplifier or speakers so I am at a handicap here, and I imagine most others are as well. We can look at the specs and reviews of your amp/speakers and form an educated guess, but we know NOT your listening preferences and likely have no experience with your amp and speaker combo. Something you need to keep that in mind.

What do you mean by discs the DMP can’t handle? I have a 205 and DMP and DS DAC too and I pretty much always now listen to discs through the DMP and not the 205 anymore. The only discs I can see the DMP not handling that the 205 CAN handle are the surround sound layers on SACD’s (unless you have 3 DS DACS). I’m holding onto my 205 for that exact feature once I get surround sound. For now I am more than happy with my 2 channel set up and will definitely hold me over till that day.

Blu-Ray Audio as well as Multi-Channel Stereo (not necessarily SACD).

If I had $6K to spend, I’d get rid of the Yeti and buy a Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon. :grin: