Remember when : a side trip in audio memorabilia

Link to HI Fidelity magazineMay 1983


I remember those ads in Stereo Review/Audio when I was a kid !

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Glad you enjoyed looking through and seeing old advertising…
it’s fun reading thru old print material like this…

I felt the same way looking through this as well…

Anyone passing by please post links of similar audio hobby related
links or pdfs


Larry great link thank you!

For those of us who are into vintage equipment those resources are invaluable. I have done many a search on vintage gear and one useful hint I’d like to pass along. if you know about when the gear you are researching was introduced you can search the Annual Index for each year. If it was tested, it will give you the month of the issue and the page that the report begins. Endless fun for someone who has been in the hobby since like forever.

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Cruisin’ through this imense library I’m thinking this resource merits it’s own thread…

You might like to open a thread dedicated to this link and any other you may have…

Takes me down memory lane’’

Again thank you