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Hi Vince (I’m assuming it’s Vince and not MTB),

The system recommended we take this to a message format, which probably makes sense. Again, thanks for taking the time ti help me with this. Is this something you do for a living? if so, I realize I sound really cheap, but I’m not - at numerous phases of this dedicated listening room project, I have been willing to pay for good advice and products. The problem I’ve had with the Treatment phase is people not even listening to my goals and only trying to sell me really expensive stuff. I’m interested in your Polish contact, but still need to get a few questions answered. I have included a diagram of my room and the way I think I’m headed.

I looked at a YouTube video of a polycylindrical diffusor you suggested and holy cow, what a production, so I think I’d head for the BAD “Swiss cheese” type, unless you think I’d really get better performance in my size room. I guess the main thing I’d want to know before going any further is whether I should be following any design formulas for my size room? I should also state that I’ve been listening to music seriously for over 50 years, but this is the first time I’ve ever approached it from nearly as high an audiophile standpoint. So in many ways I’m new to this, but in other ways, I’m not quite as serious as many others. I’m probably more curious than anything. Thanks. Jon.

Hello Jon,

You posted this to the forum rather than to a PM.

Oops, but the system asked me if I wanted to do this as a Message, and I clicked Yes…? I guess I need to read it more carefully next time. Sorry y’all.

I sent you a PM you can reply to…

Hey JLawry it’s all good …great to see read about your endeavors…

Now you can’t go pm alone and leave us hanging now can ya?:innocent:

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Jon already has another thread here going on this subject!

Sorry somehow missed it…thanks.

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