The Infinity IRS journey

For those interested in following along with our progress and story of replacing the PS reference system with that of the Infinity IRS, here’s the first installment - The IRS setup intro.

Looks like Paul has moved the rug into an empty room, I wonder what that has done for the sound?? :smiley:

Wow! That room looks really different. This could be fun.


I hope he has the rug set up correctly; that type of rug is directional.

:)) =)) #:-S

Or in pre-emoticon speak, ROFLMAO!

Okay Elk, you got me with that one! :smiley:


Very cool Paul. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Nice first video!

Great video, really enjoyed it.

Clearly a dream come true. This would be near the top of my bucket list!

Here’s the video for part 1 - the Teardown.

Great series…Lot’s of fun to watch the process unfold. I’d love to have the right space and be able to design a true dedicated room.

Third video, “Calculating the room” is at

Gaack, I’ve never done any of this stuff. And my room can only be set up where the speakers fire toward the ‘short’ direction of the room. I’m doomed.


Ah, the golden ratio. Nice.

Danged caller ID. He hung up on me again!

+1 bass “vents.” You can adjust the size of the opening and the amount and type of absorptive material.

Eliminating the corners? Permanent? Unknown quantity. I’d stick with absorbers and diffusers that you can tweak to your heart’s content. The great thing about corners is that they concentrate the low frequency energy making them a great spot to soak up that extra boom.

the phone call was funny as sh*t

Inspiring and motivational video. The live aspects are interesting. Was anyone else possibly distracted dreading an underware / butt crack exposure? :frowning:

The phone call was my wife … naturally … she couldn’t figure out how to get music streaming in the house. … the butt crack was just perfect - couldn’t have been better.

The phone call was my wife .... naturally .... she couldn't figure out how to get music streaming in the house. ..... the butt crack was just perfect - couldn't have been better.

This guy also got somewhat distracted:
but he was also able to complete the whole thing in a professional manner :)

check this violin player, guy from my country hehe :slight_smile:

@frode - that’s because it is Judd Trump. It was probably Ronnie’s kid.

I’d like to critique the episodes so far.

I wish Paul would have taken the phone call to bring some female presence to the show. The character of Paul needs a “love interest,” to make him more relatable.

I thought the carpenter was not fleshed out at all. What is his relationship to PS Audio? Is he an old war buddy of Paul’s? Has he lost any fingers to a carpentry accident, or is he secretly stealing supplies? Any of these elements would make the show more intriguing.

Obviously the big reveal is the IRS’s themselves, but since most of the audience doesn’t actually own an IRS to play the sound back on, we can’t experience the sound for ourselves on our tiny computer speakers.

I am hoping that in episode 4 a rival Colorado audio manufacturer tries to break in to steal the IRS towers, but one of them is crushed under it’s enormous weight.

It would also be cool if an act of industrial espionage is committed by a former disgruntled PS employee, stealing the prototype of the new Hypex based amp. I know that’s what I would do!

Please keep the episodes coming, as I’m really enjoying it.

Spoiler alert: I’ve heard that in episode 7 Paul “breaks bad”, shaves his head and grows a goatee.