Roon and HDPlayer through router via Ethernet to Bridge II/DirectStream--is this possible?

I’m trying to find this answer on both the Roon and the HDPlayer forums too, but I’ve been struggling. Apologies if it’s a dumb question or has been answered elsewhere here, but I couldn’t find it.

I am a heavy Roon user (running on a Mac) and I just got my Direct Stream today with the Bridge II. It of course was as near to plug-and-play as I could have hoped and once I plugged in the network cable to the DS, Roon immediately found it as an endpoint. It sounds outstanding and I’m still playing with various configs. Its my first time having an MQA dac and so that’s been cool too.

I have HDPlayer loaded on the Mac too, and with previous end-point/DACs where I had the SOTM equipment connected to the Mac via a thunderbolt-to-ethernet and bridged in the Mac, I could use HD Player and have it find the DAC easily.

In this system, however, the Mac is in the basement and I need to go through a router to get to this network connection, so I can’t bridge to the Bridge II/DS.

My question is this: Can HQPlayer be configured to stream to a remote endpoint on the network that’s not directly bridged to it’s machine? Anyone doing that directly or with Roon?


The Bridge II card does not act as an HQPlayer NAA so there is no way to use HQPlayer with the Bridge II card.

I have a similar set up. I use Roon and JRiver Media Center. I connect my iMac via wi-fi to the router, which is located in the same room as the DAC. I connect to my DAC/Bridge II via Ethernet cable from the router. Works great. An option for you…

Yes, HQPlayer can stream to a remote endpoint on the network provided it supports Jussi’s NAA protocol, other wise you need to connect the machine running HQPlayer to the endpoint via optical, coax, AES/EBU, IS2 or USB.

If you have another computer that can be an NAA endpoint, it solves your problem but the Bridge II has no use then, sell it.

Thanks all. So unless the DS supported NAA with a future upgrade, I still need something with NAA doing the handshake in the middle…got it, thank you. Makes sense.

Even with some device doing NAA in the middle, you still can’t use the Bridge II card.

No, I totally get it, thank you…it would be through usb or aes or whatever other outputs that device had.