Roon Directstream and Bridge II Mac Mini


I need a bit of guidance… I currently have a Linn Accurate but the software if not great. I read about Roon and had a look and its fantastic.

My music currently sits on Synology is all in Flac or DSD… so quality is very important.

I got a PS Audio Directsrteam and the Bridge II from my dealer as I wanted to use Roon and understood the it would happen on the PS Audio.

I understand that the software has not been released yet so what would my best solution be for now. I have the roon Server running on my iMac but have a spare Mac Mini. Would I need to move the Mac Mini to the Directstream and plug it into the USB or can I stream it to the Bridge II.

I dont want to loose any quality and understand the Airplay will reduce it files?

Please advise


I currently connect my Mac Mini running Roon via USB to the Directstream. Sound quality is very good!

i am also eagerly awaiting the new firmware that will allow Roon through the Bridge II.


I have just finished doing that, its really fantastic having a software package like Roon for the psaudio. I guess I am goung to order the directsream from my dealer now and run it using the macmini until they release roon for it.

I wonder if the current track info been played with Album Art will be displayed on the screen in the directstream?


Not when using USB but the information should display when using the Bridge.


I’m not sure what the issue is for you. If you prefer, in general, to play music from your iMac, there’s no reason you can’t stream to the Bridge from it. You can’t use Roon yet, as you realize, but you can still use one of several good players for the Mac (Audirvana, BitPerfect, etc.); I’m not a Mac guy so others will need to give you more detailed suggestions. I’m not sure why you think you need a separate computer. As long as the NAS and the DS are wired, you shouldn’t lose any sound quality even if the iMac connects wirelessly – but then my ignorance of how Macs work may be showing here.

If you’ve got your music on a Synology, you might consider installing MinimServer on it and controlling it from a tablet (or even a phone). That’s what I do (Synology NAS wired to a switch wired to Bridge II, iPad on wifi) and the sound is great!

BitPerfect and I believe Audirvana as well do not work with the Bridge as they do not support UPnP. They require a USB connection. There are other good alternatives, including JRiver MC (can be finicky but works well for me and JRemote is a great control app) and minimserver (control app choices not as great but there are several of them).

Steve, thank you for jumping in to correct my ignorance about which Mac players don’t work with UPnP.

Can anyone tell me if Roon offers a random tracks or shuffle feature for Tidal? I’d like to keep using my large Tidal playlist as a background “radio” station. Or does their “radio” feature do this?


It does, and also has a nice, if confusingly named, “Radio” feature - pick a track and it plays “similar” tracks. It also has an Internet Radio feature…