S300 vs m700 for small living room, MartinLogan Impression ESL 11A speakers

So I’ve read many forum posts and tons of articles as well as research about ps audio and I’m ready to try them out. I have a pair of Martin logan esl 11a impressions and want to move away from my McIntosh equipment( just sold my ma8900 for vastly more that I paid lol and my mc312 fora rediculous amount). Atm I’m amp less……this setup is in a small living room in a townhouse, we do not play very loud possibly 20 so not reference level. Tbh I want to to do the s300 first before buying the m700 as this is a 3.2 setup(c18,esl 11as, bf 210 x2) run by a Marantz av7705. I do have a McIntosh c47 for stereo which I’ll keep forever. What would y’all’s opinions be, can the s300 be good enough or do I need m700s as the s300 may not have enough current or power for my towers.

Not sure if this helps, but I had the s300 powering paradigm studio 20v5 in a 12’x18’ room. I don’t listen very loud either. The s300 had plenty of power but to me it always sounded veiled. Several people on this forum convinced me to try the m700s. Thanks to them, I am thoroughly enjoying the 700s. The veil is gone and there is better separation with a wider and deeper soundstage. Skip the 300.

Not really interested in paying 2400$ for my first venture into ps audio, and I would need 3 m700s

Sounds like even if you’ve not yet made a decision, you’ve at least already narrowed your choice.

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Agreed 2400 I believe is the new price plus trade in, I’m open to used m700s as well depending on price. Ultimately I would throw the s300 on the center if I got a used pair of 700s for the towers.

Not really into music as much….85/15 movies games/music……hence why I sold my ma8900 and mc312. S300 or m700 should suffice tbh as the weak link for movies would be the pre pro