Seeking recommondation for silent tubes

Which tube will give me the lowest noise / hise in my speakers?

I bought the BHK 250 + pre used so I don’t know how much noise the combo has from new.

Currently I am using a NOS One Electron JRC 12AU7 from august 1953.
The noise is tolerable but I would really like to lower it as I can hear it from my listening position.

One thing I have found out is that if I use RCA cables I get a lot of hum and noise, like it is broken.

So maybe some of the noise I am hearing is some kind of ground issue.
Because RCA is a no go.

Personally I’d give Brent Jesse a call, and see what he has in stock. He is a solid provider of tubes in general and should be of great assistance. You are going to want tubes that are actually available, which is why I’d recommend a solid straight shooting provider.

Good luck:

Brent Jesse


Did you have hiss with the factory installed gold lions? Your solution may be balanced interconnects. How long are the RCA’s?

The RCA are 1 meter long.

Haven’t tried the gold lion but with a balanced cable it’s alright

If you can do balanced that’s the route I would go. I use the Gold Lions they are pretty solid IMO.