So so why do our usb cables sound different

A really good read about the why in usb cables. It’s pretty disgusting how much we pay for these and read about so many arbitrary specs but apparently the ones that matter are not done anyway .


And yet another WAG hypothesis is launched.

BTW, the spec is 90Ω ±15% or 76.5Ω to 103.5Ω. And states nothing about passing a 2.6 GHz square wave, at least that I can find.

I read the whole 14 pages or so. I think in the end they all cured cancer , aides and found the holy grail too. Who knows elk in the end though how some feel it all matters and some say almost nothing does is perplexing even to my small brain. For me I read and mostly I listen to what sounds good to me.


A perfect approach.