Sony STR-DN1080 Makes a Great Home Theater Control Unit - Fully Balanced Outputs

While waiting for my Stellar Stack due to arrive this week. I started prepping my DSD capable Sony AVR for integration with the Stellar DAC/Preamp. There is a ribbon cable interconnected between the main PCB and the Video/Digital PCB above it. By tapping off of the Analog GND, + and - for the LF, C, RF, SL, & SR, you effectively have true differential outputs that can be easily terminated with good quality XLR’s. The main PCB silkscreen has each pin labeled and you just tap off of the corresponding pins on the above PCB. It works like a charm. Absolutely no noise/hum, or hiss. They are fixed outputs. Volume must be controlled externally (Stellar Preamp/another AVR Preamp) and of course amplification !

I referenced an older STR-DN1050 schematic I bought online and chopped up a bunch of old Monster Cable Interlink 250 to terminate the Neutrik gold pinned XLR’s with. I had some old 2 conductor shielded pair wires with GND leads whose 28AWG fit the PCB pads of the ribbon connector perfectly. Aside from the crappy soldering even with a fine tip at my disposable, I didn’t create any solder shorts or opens. And none of the wires broke off :slight_smile: