Soundsmith MIMC Star

Just installed a Soundsmith MIMC Star and oh my… this thing is truly as amazing as the reviews has it. I did need more gain than what is recommended by Soundsmith however. Recommended gain is 60-62dB and I settled on 66dB with my PSA NuWave Phono. Going balanced from phono to BHK.

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Also using a MIMC Star. Great cartridge

I’ve had a Zephyr Mk3 high output MI version for about 9 months. Fantastic cartridge.

So good that Origin Live rebranded it.

Nice. I’m still waiting on my SS cartridge to come in.

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I love my Zephyr MIMC Star, oh yes oh yes! Mine is mounted to my Rega RP10.


Big fan as well. I’ve been using the MIMC Star with the Stellar Phono for a couple of months. Two delightful over-achievers.

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Soundsmith carts are the best. I’m on my second one (Boheme up to Sussurro 2). Enjoy!

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