Sprout, $300 off for November 2023

Does it come in black? Seriously though, I don’t need one, but one never knows what may pop up. At $499 it would make a great contingency piece, or a centerpiece in an economical office system. Pick-up a pair of lightly used ProAc Tablettes and hook them up with a pair of Blue Jeans Cable 10 White.

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This was a no brainer. I was contemplating simplifying the desktop setup. Mission accomplished at less than half the cost of the alternative. Just wish it came in black…

But I really did not need to look at those ProAc Tablettes.


They’d be a good mate, as would the Harbeth P3ESR.

If you don’t mind me asking so, what was the alternative?

NuPrime IDA-8. Other than more expensive the only downsides were size and no headphone out. But I’m also considering NuPrime for the main system so would have gone Sprout for the desktop anyway. It’ll replace a nice Schiit stack that is good but not for how I use the desktop.

They would actually but barely fit on the desktop. I’d love to but something that nice would compete for main system $ that is already budget constrainted.

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