Sprout TV audio control

Sorry for opening another topic - but I thought this topic might be useful for other new Sprout customers.

I have a Sony Bravia KDL-46S5100 TV. Apparently it doesn’t have the capability of variable audio analog output…or any variable audio output for that matter. So basically I can get audio via the Sprout, but I can’t control the volume with the TV remote. I also have an X1 cable box and a Panasonic home theater receiver, both of which will provide audio out to the Sprout, but neither will provide volume control. While I don’t feel a strong need for a remote control for other audio inputs to the Sprout, it sure would be nice to be able to mute and/or control volume for overly loud commercials or movies with loud moments.

Any suggestions?

I’ve been researching this, and it seems like the best value solution would be to replace my older home theater with an Oppo BDP-103 that, I think, features a stereo variable audio output and a remote control. So I would connect the x1 cable box via hdmi to the Oppo and then analog stereo out to the Oppo that has a remote control to adjust the volume for DVD and TV watching. Does this seem reasonable?

PS Audio developers, the decision not to include a remote hinges on most of the inputs having their own functional remote controls. But now I have come to understand that most modern TVs, cable boxes, and home theaters have ditched their analog variable outputs (I don’t know why), which prohibits using the remote for volume control. If it just had a remote, the Sprout could mostly replace the home theater receiver.

I wouldn’t argue with that. Though in our experience, most TVs have both fixed and variable outputs on their audio. My TV, for example, in the setup menu, can be fixed or variable. The TOSLINK (optical) output of the TV is always fixed, the small 3.5 mm audio output is variable if I tell it so in the TV setup menu. Check and make sure yours isn’t the same way.

Sadly, it is not available on our particular Sony model. Variable audio outputs seem to be the exception rather than the rule these days. As near as I can tell from web searches, no Samsung TVs and only some Sony’s and LGs have variable audio output. It doesn’t seem that there is a correlation with price of the TV and variable audio availability either. In any case, it is frustrating. I suppose we will live with jumping up to adjust the volume, or the $500 Oppo player is a possible solution. I haven’t found a less expensive option.