Stellar PreAmp/Amp Mating with B&W 702 S2 Speakers?

Hi folks, I’m wondering if any of you have experience using a Stellar PreAmp and M700 amps with B&W speakers? I recently purchased a pair of B&W 702 S2’s which are currently mated to an old Carver receiver (HR-895). Looking to upgrade to separates soon, but thought I’d reach out to see if anyone currently has the Stellar/B&W set-up, and if so, are they happy? I know happiness lies in the ears of the beholders, but would appreciate any feedback.


Mike from Pueblo

Although I have not heard the B&W 702 series, I have heard the 800 and 802 series on several occasions. If the 702 has a similar tonal sound to the current D3 versions of the 800 and 802, they might be a great match. The M700 monoblocks have great imaging, excellent control of bass, a slightly forward midrange and a clean top end that has a bit of sweetness without being too sweet.

Thanks for your thoughts. Having now lived with this combo for a month or so, I can report that I am so delighted with the musicality and tonality of my new system! Well worth the investment

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