Stellar S300 Beta


Well, here I am 1 month later with the S300. The start was a little bumpy, ignorance on my part, & minor to say the least. I could spin many superlatives about this amp, well maybe I couldn’t, because that’s not my thing. I will simply say Paul & his fine team have, what I truly believe is the best amp @1.5k that you could possibly hope own. I wouldn’t want to be the competition @ 3k & have to take the S300 on! Every listen just brings smiles. Clarity, depth, balance, dynamic range, and this thing just doesn’t seem to run out of gas! I have a pair of Magnapan 1.6 QR’s with an SVS subwoofer, the S300 delivers slam & articulation, like I haven’t heard before. I had the 1.6’s rebuilt by Magnapan 1 year ago after 13 years of serious use, so I am confident they are up to the task. Okay, I did spin some superlatives, sorry. I will sum it up by saying I am totally satisfied with the S300 & would recommend it to all, save your coin, this amp kicks some very serious butt! Thank you Paul & everyone @ PS Audio!


Ditto. My Martin Logan Aerius speakers are singing unlike what my previous amp. I have one of the first proto shipments and I have only admiration.


Ditto again. Have owned my S300 for two months. After a proper amount of break-in during the first 30 days, I can say with confidence that this is the most musical amplifier I’ve heard with my Martin Logan 11As (had previously tried all-tube Rogue, Pass Class-A and Hypex Ncore). With a tube DAC and tube preamp up front, something just clicks - The music flows forth without a single anomaly calling attention away from pure enjoyment (which is really saying something in my case). Love it.


Stellar Gain Cell DAC and Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier played together with the new S 400 Speaker from Buchart Audio at the HIFI fair in Aarhus Denmark - It was a huge hit.:1st_place_medal::star::star::star::star: